Jessica Alba Talks Hair & Beauty Secrets with Latina Magazine’s Robyn Moreno, Shares Video on Instagram

Jessica Alba Talks Hair & Beauty Secrets with Latina Magazine’s Robyn Moreno, Shares Video on Instagram
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Earlier this week, Jessica Alba sat down for an interview with Latina magazine’s Robyn Moreno and revealed some of her top hair and beauty secrets. She then shared a short clip from the interview on her Instagram account, and it has already received over 281 thousand views in a matter of days!

When Robyn asked her to reveal some of her hair care secrets, Jessica mentioned that she uses a lot of the products that are developed by The Honest Company, which she co-founded in 2011. The goal of the company is to promote the Honest Beauty key brand messaging, which is that they only use all natural, non-chemically based, and non-toxic ingredients in their household and cosmetic products.

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Not only is Jessica Alba a proud ambassador for the brand, but she also helps to develop their products and even uses them herself, which means that she truly stands behind the company. Given that Jessica Alba is a world renowned beauty and fashion icon, it is only fitting that she is constantly asked to share some of her top hair and beauty tips. Here they are, in no particular order:

Jessica Alba’s Hair

It is no wonder that Jessica Alba’s hair is a thing to be envied, considering she has her own beauty care line and empire. When speaking with Robyn Moreno, she said that her hair care routine is fairly simple. She rarely uses a blow dryer or any other styling products that release a lot of heat. The key is to air dry your hair naturally so it does not dry out. While showering, she conditions her hair with Honest Beauty conditioning milk, and then she massages the sea salt spray into her roots, letting her hair air dry as she is doing other things.

Jessica Alba’s Skin Care

It seems like everyone is always asking Jessica Alba where she gets her natural looking glow, what products she uses, and if she can recommend any specific products so that other people can create the same effect. Disappointingly, however, it turns out that her natural looking glow actually is all natural and she credits it simply to keeping well hydrated (she is, after all, the spokesperson for Zico Coconut Water), keeping fit, getting lots of sleep, and proper skin care. She says that she always removes her makeup before bed, even if she is feeling particularly lazy that night and she does not wear any makeup if she is just going to the gym.

Jessica Alba’s Makeup

When it comes to makeup, Jessica Alba keeps things pretty simple and straightforward: she uses her Honest Beauty makeup collection daily and says that the Younger Face Cream is an absolute must-have. She keeps her everyday look fresh and clean with a concealer, cream blush and a lip crayon or gloss. She obviously steps it up a little for red carpet events, but for a typical day, that is really all there is to it!

We are excited to see what beauty products The Honest Company comes out with next!


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