Jessica Alba’s Fall Hair Makeover: Hair Colorist Robert Ramos Explains Why He Gave Blonde Touch-Up to Her Look

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We all switch our hairstyle game with respect to the seasons and winter seems to be the time of year to get all dark and deep—almost as if Autumn left us more mature and wiser. Jessica Alba, however, seems to defy the conventional style change. In an Instagram video, the actress introduced her new hair color for the fall. Her longtime hair colorist, Robert Ramos, is also featured in the video.

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Jessica Alba is naturally a brunette. But of late, the 35-year-old actress has been embracing lighter tones for her hair. Ramos said that he took the liberty to add some lighter hues to Alba’s hair tips for “happiness.” Ramos upgraded Jessica Alba’s hair color to a honey blonde shade to bring a cheery feel to her look.

Ramos’ Technique to Color Alba’s Hair

Celebrity hair colorist, Robert Ramos, explains the technique used in coloring Jessica Alba’s hair. He said that he used a special technique to create a lived-in result rather than the look of a brand new dye job. He further added that he did a regular highlight job but feathered the roots so they looked a little bit grown in and irregular. Ramos used three different shades to give a more natural look to Alba’s hair, unlike fresh highlights.

Over the years, we have seen Jessica Alba in various styles of haircuts and hair colors. We loved her bob hairstyle phase as much as her carefree long waves. Her company, Honest Beauty, offers a wide variety of non-toxic products for skincare and haircare.

Alba’s Beauty Secrets

Jessica Alba is the epitome of radiance and at 35, she still has glowing skin. Here’s what her skin regime looks like.

Skincare Routine: Proper cleansing and applying moisturizer and eye cream is a routine she lives by—using products from The Whole Shebang Kit by Numbers Skincare. She applies face oil and a day cream for the day, and a night cream at night. Alba especially loves collagen skin and lip masks from Korea. To fight harmful UV rays, she uses La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50 Mineral Sunscreen.

Hair Routine: Frequent conditioning is the key to her glossy mane. Jessica Alba isn’t quite fond of perfumed hair products. Her favorite products are from Phyto and John Masters Organics.

Signature Smell: She uses essential oils like, jasmine, vanilla, and lavender.

Best Beauty Tip: She says to stay hydrated all the time and drinks plenty of Zico water. This helps to bring out the glow in skin and hair. She also swears by coconut water and exercising.

De-stressors: According to Jessica Alba, sleep is the best way to de-stress oneself.



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