Jessica Alba’s Makeup Prep for Paris Fashion Week, Honoree at Martha Stewart’s American Made Summit

Jessica Alba’s Makeup Prep for Paris Fashion Week, Honoree at Martha Stewart’s American Made Summit
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To say that Jessica Alba is an immensely beloved Hollywood star is a gross understatement because the adoration of her fans is absolutely immeasurable, and she is so much more than just an actress. Jessica Alba is also an accomplished businesswoman, an entrepreneur, an author, a mother, and a wife. Over the weekend, she showcased one of her prized achievements: her all-natural and organic Honest Beauty makeup and skin care line at the Paris Fashion Week.

It is one thing when a celebrity merely endorses a product; but when they actively use the same product they are recommending to their fans, that means that they truly believe in and stand behind said product. In this regard, Jessica Alba has a lot to be proud of because her skin care and makeup products are said to be 100% organic, which is likely why she loves sharing them with her fans on social media.

Just a few days ago, she posted some behind-the-scenes pictures of herself being primped and pampered for the Paris Fashion Week by celebrity hair stylist Jennifer Yepez. She was also invited to be an honored guest alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar at Martha Stewart’s American Made Summit, a two-day event that celebrates the top innovators in various industries.

#fbf to Paris Fashion week with @voguemagazine @jennifer_yepez & @dmartnyc -link in bio for full story

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Aside from her great acting talents and her admirable eye for profitable business ventures that benefit women, children and the environment; Jessica Alba is also known and revered for her unbelievable natural beauty. She has been kind enough to share some of her beauty secrets with her fans, starting with her exercise regime and healthy eating tips on Instagram.

It is almost hard to believe that the Mechanic: Resurrection star has flat out admitted that she does not actually enjoy working out and she needs to try many different tactics just to keep herself motivated and interested in working out. Usually, when people see someone as beautiful and physically fit as Jessica Alba, they just assume that they are gym junkies; but this is not the case for Jessica Alba, a fact that makes her a lot more relatable to her fans.

Even though Jessica Alba has always been admired for her looks, it is clear that she also has a good head on her shoulders; and she certainly knows how to keep her fans interested in her life and her career. She always manages to keep her fans updated on what she is doing through social media, and she knows how to market herself to women of all ages and backgrounds.

The Honest Beauty brand is an inspiration to women everywhere because it promotes the use of organic ingredients in hair, makeup, and skin care products, which is a rarity these days. It is hard to know which companies are worthy of consumer trust and investment, but The Honest Company stands out from the rest for its commitment to all-natural and organic products.