John Wick 2 Star Ruby Rose Comforts Girlfriend Jessica Origliasso during Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment

John Wick 2 Star Ruby Rose Comforts Girlfriend Jessica Origliasso During Tattoo Removal Laser Treatment
(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV)

In the limelight since her appearance on Orange Is the New Black, Ruby Rose has become quite the center of attention, and even more so now that she’s dating one half of the singing duo, The Veronicas. The John Wick 2 actress was seen on Instagram giving her support to girlfriend Jessica Origliasso while she received tattoo removal laser treatment. Rose, who sports quite a bit of body art herself, was very supportive of her girlfriend’s decision to remove her own tattoos.

Jessica Origliasso Removes Her Tattoos

Origliasso’s decision to get rid of the bold sleeve tattoo on her left arm didn’t come as a surprise to fans. In 2014 she stated that, “As many of you know I started getting tattooed from 18, and I’ve had many of my half sleeve tattoos for 6-9 years, and as much as I’ve loved them, changed them, lived with them, I’ve outgrown it as is,” on social media. The singer plans on replacing her removed tattoos with new body art that is more representative of her current state of mind.

Ruby Rose’s girlfriend expressed her anxiety for the anticipated pain of the laser when she said, “I’m sure it’s going to hurt like hell, but I’m super excited & ready for new art.” As such, we’re sure Origliasso was more than happy to have the support of her significant other, as she shared a video on Instagram of Rose being cheerful and dancing to distract her from the laser therapy.

Ruby Rose’s Tattoos

Of course, we couldn’t go without mentioning Ruby Rose’s tattoos and meanings, too! Rose has a plethora of tattoos, many of which are visible no matter what she wears. Her intense body art is a part of her esthetic and contributes to her rocker chic vibe.

Many of her fans are obsessed with her tattoos, but does anyone actually know how many she has? Fact is, Ruby Rose has lost track herself. During a 2010 interview with Inked magazine, she said: “I don’t actually know how many I have. If you counted them individually it would be, like, 30 or something, but some of them are grouped together as one piece.”

Rose’s very first tattoo was a rose with an architectural design around it, which she got when she was just 16. She now refers to this piece as a “tramp stamp,” but wouldn’t go so far as to say it was a mistake. “It’s such a 16-year-old’s tattoo. I would never get that now. But I would never get it removed either,” the actress told Inked magazine.

Other fun and quirky pieces of hers include a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Astro Boy, a pink anime-like character, a unicorn on her thigh, and several other abstract symbols. Talk about eclectic!

Some of Rose’s other pieces have sentimental value, like the boxing gloves on her shoulder blade that are in honor of her godfather, Lionel Rose. She also had her ex fiancée’s name, Phoebe, tattooed on her back inside of a red heart. However, we’re sure that one will be targeted by a laser sooner or later!


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