Josephine Skriver Shares Her First Victoria’s Secret Wings Pic, Dazzled with Swarovski Crystals at VSFS 2016

Josephine Skriver Shares Her First Victoria's Secret Wings Pic
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

With the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 only recently completed, many fashion fans are going online to see the highlights of that important event. Perhaps the most significant thing that’s caught on was Josephine Skriver wearing her Victoria’s Secret Wings. Though not her first time appearing at the show, the VSFS 2016 was the first time that Skriver has worn her official Angel wings, and she made an even bigger splash in her Angel outfit made of Swarovski Crystals. The combination of Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret, and its roster of models made the 2016 show truly memorable, and, with Skriver’s runway appearance, it lived up to its “angelic” themes.

Road to Heaven

Josephine Skriver and her Victoria’s Secret’s Wings have an interesting history together. Originally from Denmark, Josephine Skriver became a Victoria’s Secret model back in 2013 where she modeled the Pink line before working her way into a VS televised swimwear special, several magazine cover spots, then finally to the lingerie catalog. She was made an official Victoria’s Secret Angel earlier this year that left her elated as she noted in many fashion media interviews. Obviously, Skriver wasn’t the only Angel that appeared at VSFS 2016 and the epic lingerie fashion show is the highlight of the brand’s yearly exhibitions—it’s an entity onto itself. But Skriver made such a splash in the runway catwalk show that the model’s bombshell factor was impossible to ignore.

The Swarovski crystals’ lingerie is intricate and well documented. Viewers that have even been privy to the Swarovski Crystals in behind-the-scenes video clips online got a sense of just how incredible these fashion pieces were in terms of the craftsmanship that went into creating them for each model. Josephine Skriver’s Swarovski crystals’ lingerie piece was no exception, with 450,000 crystals being used to make an extravagant creation that includes a long cape and crop top with long leggings, all adorned with crystals.

Fantasy Follow-Up

It’s a dream of many fashion followers to attend a VSFS show and see all the excitement live and firsthand. However, few realize that dream—the show is as an exclusive event as any top film festival or royal dinner. But the highlights will be broadcast on December 5 with many of the combined fashion and music performance highlights to be shown. Moreover, models like Skriver have taken to social media sites like Instagram to highlight the best parts of the show and what they wore for their selected runway appearances.


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