Josephine Skriver’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Look a Must See: Dazzles in Swarovski Crystals

Josephine Skriver's Victoria's Secret Fashion Look a Must See: Dazzles in Swarovski Crystals
Credit: Brian Ach / Stringer

Like many of her fellow models, Denmark’s Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver, is ramping up for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show being held in Paris on December 5. But what’s setting her apart is Skriver’s appearance at the at the show in a unique Victoria’s Secret Fashion look. Not much is certain about what more extravagant fashions will be on display in Paris, but Skriver has been chosen to unveil the Swarovski crystal fringe made specifically for the event. As one might expect, many are anticipating Skriver in Swarovski crystals on the runway in less than a week’s time.

Tradition of Quality

The relationship between Victoria’s Secret, its fashion show, and Swarovski is almost a decade and a half old. In accordance with their relationship, other past Victoria’s Secret Angels such as Martha Hunt and Lily Donaldson, have had the honor of wearing the Swarovski’s crystals. This year, Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skriver, is on board to show the great new Swarovski’s fashion concoction.

And it’s no easy task at that. With the theme of the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Show being “Bright Night Angel,” Swarovski has its work cut out for itself to convey shimmering and heavenly fashion images. Yet, from early reports, they are up to the challenge with Skriver’s assistance.

The 2016 Swarovski crystal fringe is over 3000 strands of fringe and utilizing 450,000 crystals. Each sleeve weighs between 8 to 10 pounds and runs in length to the floor. While it’s a finely crafted, yet cumbersome fashion piece, it’s meant to be the show piece of the 2016 show. Early videos posted online have shown Skriver taking on the challenge in earnest and, with the help of designers and the Victoria’s Secret team, she’s ready for her moment to shine on the runway.

Underneath the Fringe

With so much attention to the Swarovski fringe, you can imagine that more attention is being directed to Skriver herself. More and more fashion followers are keen to learn the specific Josephine Skriver beauty routine. Skriver has her own skin care secrets plus other beauty tips.

She’s admitted that she takes Shiseido and SK-II facial masks wherever she travels. Skriver also swears by drinking hot water both in the morning and before bed to help clean her skin—something she learned from a makeup artist that showed results within two to three weeks. With the Paris show coming, it seems fitting that she enjoys wearing Victoria Secret’s Paris perfume. Much of the makeup, particularly the mascara she wears on the runway, is what she’s applied herself.



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