Julia Roberts Preparing for New Lancôme Commercial, Shares Snap on Instagram

Julia Roberts
Photo credit: Kevin Winter / Staff /Getty

Julia Roberts Instagram reveals an image of the famous actress getting ready for a Lancôme shoot. The Lancôme brand ambassador was getting her make-up done before an upcoming shoot. This upcoming shoot would add to the already plentiful Julia Roberts Lancôme commercials.

Lancôme… coming soon. #today

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Other famous ladies who have been Lancôme brand ambassadors include Lupita Nyong’o, Penélope Cruz, Kate Winslet, Daria Werbowy, Isabella Rosselini, and Taylor Hill.

Roberts credits Lancôme for understanding women and their needs. She expressed that as women age, they want their skin to look its best and they don’t want to waste their time on products that won’t achieve results. Roberts loves Lancôme because she knows the company can bring women the results they need. Furthermore, she respects that they use female celebrities of the right age to market their products, meaning you won’t see an 18-year old face trying to sell you an anti-aging cream.

Although Roberts likes how well Lancôme works, she does feel that beauty is in a person’s sprit. During the La Vie Es Belle campaign, the message of being happy living the life you want is heavily expressed. Roberts feels the key behind looking your best is happiness.

Roberts enjoys teaming up with Lancôme because it gives her an opportunity to discover products that she may not have known about. Among the many products Roberts uses, one in particular stands out: it is Absolue L’Extrait, which she finds to be quite innovative in skin care products.

As for products she can’t live without, Roberts said the Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover is “unbeatable.” She notes that this product truly takes off all the day or nights make-up so you don’t wake up looking like a mess.

A Brief History on Lancôme Beauty

Lancôme was originally a fragrance house, and was founded in France in 1935 by Armand Petitjean. After his fragrances became a huge success, he began to move the line over to skincare.

The first skincare product from Lancôme was a multi-tasking repair cream called Nutrix, which is still in production today. Since the release of the first skin cream, the development of lipsticks came about, and their pinkish-red lipstick scented with roses has been their best seller for the proceeding 30 years.

Lancôme was purchased by L’Oréal, and is now one of the largest luxury skin care companies in the world.

Although Petitjean never wanted Lancôme to be advertised, the company has come a long way and now puts famous faces behind their products, Roberts included.

Julia Roberts has been a brand ambassador for Lancôme since 2010, and it seems that their relationship is flourishing. Considering that Roberts is in her mid-40s, it must be the products she uses from Lancôme that keep her looking so young and fresh.


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