Julianne Hough Is the New Face of Giorgio Beverly Hills After “DWTS” Finale: Promotes Fragrance on Instagram

Julianne Hough Is the New Face of Giorgio Beverly Hills After "DWTS" Finale: Promotes Fragrance on Instagram
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A fresh face paired with unmatched beauty and a style like no other! Julianne Hough, the new brand ambassador of Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrance, Glam, is making heads turn after the DWTS finale. The popular celeb boasts about the uniqueness of the fragrance on her Instagram pages. Her Instagram account revealed small details of the Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrance before she went ahead and disclosed complete specifics about the fragrance.  The Dancing with the Stars judge, without a doubt, brings her own grace and style to the newest fragrance brand.

An Introduction to Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrances

A brand that many celebrities, stars and actors swear by, Giorgio Beverly Hills literally creates magic with its products. The Glam fragrance recently launched by the brand was described as a scent of the century and worn by many superstars. A timeless classic, the fragrance is subtle yet glamorous.

Giorgio was the first ever fragrance created by this premium brand and was very successful. It had a distinctive yellow and white striped pattern packaging that was easily visible on store shelves. The brand became popular in the coming years and it was one of the most talked about fragrances in Hollywood.

Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrance Glam

First launched in 1981, Giorgio Beverly Hills gained instant popularity when its products hit boutiques and stores across California! The fragrance was reminiscent of the warm summers, tall palm trees, and the breezy coasts of California. Glam by Giorgio Beverly Hills is unique as it adds magic and beauty, and enhances the wearer’s personality instantly! Julianne Hough has taken it a step further by becoming its brand ambassador and enhancing the charisma of this exceptional fragrance. Glam by Giorgio Beverly Hills has notes of peony, magnolia, jasmine, plum, and sandalwood.

The Story of the Fragrance on Instagram

Julianne Hough, judge of Dancing with the Stars and the newest brand ambassador of the fragrance by Giorgio Beverly Hills, was ecstatic at the opportunity to launch Glam and it was prominent throughout the celeb’s Instagram account.  Her first post was a close-up image of the beautiful sleek perfume bottle, which is a deep purple color and looked stunning and glamorous in every way!

A photo posted by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

The post received 11.6k likes by fans and friends of the star making it a beauty revelation! The brand new look of the fragrance was a definitive eye-opener for all.

The next post by Julianne Hough on Instagram featured a blurry image of a wall covered with tiny-flowers of the same deep-purple hue as the Giorgio Beverly Hills fragrance, Glam. She posted a caption with the image, proudly announcing her brand-new title and hinting her fans through the post to guess the fragrance.

A trail of congratulatory comments and people going gaga over her new accomplishment soon followed.

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More on the Gorgeous DWTS Judge

Julianne Hough, a woman who has awed everyone in Hollywood with her splendor and charm, is now the face of Giorgio Beverly Hills Fragrance, Glam. The Hollywood star claims that she is much more confident in her skin today than when she was a young teenager. The “less is more” philosophy the star adopted post her teen years is the secret behind her beauty, and she says she is more comfortable with a no-makeup look.



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