Kaley Cuoco’s Short Hair: How to get The Big Bang Theory Star’s Pixie and Short Bangs

Kaley Cuoco’s Short Hair
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Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco is known for being on the trend radar when it comes to hairstyles. The blonde starlet made waves when she cut her hair into a pixie cut with short bangs a couple of years ago, and fans everywhere still want to copy the look.

The Kaley Cuoco short hair trend started to gain attention when the actress appeared with a short haircut for season 8. However, in the beginning, fans didn’t accept the hair transformation of Penny, who Cuoco plays on the show. They took to Twitter to express their dislike for the new short cut, stating that Kaley Cuoco’s hair is the worst thing Big Bang Theory has ever done.

As with many things in life, people have a hard time accepting change. The writers thought the haircut would go nicely with the character’s change of occupation from struggling actress to pharmaceutical sales representative. Now considered one of the top hairstyles on trend, it seems fans have gotten over the change and embraced the pixie cut, even wanting it for themselves. In several post chop interviews, the actress confessed to loving her new short hair.

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles & Haircuts; Short, Pixie and Bangs

Getting the pixie look cut of Kaley Cuoco and keeping it styled just right calls for a short hair tutorial. Not everyone’s hair is suited for Kaley Cuoco’s short crop, and it is more compatible for fine to medium thick hair that is naturally straight or has a soft wave.

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc

Cuoco’s pixie was cut with long layered bangs, tapered sides, and graduated layers from the crown to the nape of the neck. This hairstyle does require a trim every 6-8 weeks, so keep in mind if you go for the pixie cut, it will need a little upkeep. Style the cut with a volumizing product to pump up the roots. If your hair is naturally curly and you would like to copy Cuoco’s hair, you may need to temporarily straighten it with a brush, blow dryer, and iron.
Kaley Cuoco shoulder length bob Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc
For the current season of The Big Bang Theory, Kayle Cuoco has a shoulder length bob that is more blonde and reminiscent of Penny in the earlier seasons of the hit show. The Kaley Cuoco bob was created by celebrity hairstylist Faye Woods. She took off several inches from Cuoco’s length, creating a soft wave, and also touched up the star’s hair color, giving Kayle Cuoco a lighter shade of blonde.
Kaley Cuoco bob hair cut Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc

The actress’s hair transformation came just a few weeks after the show announced the casting of Katy Sagal, who is currently playing Penny’s Mom. It seems for every life change that Penny goes though on the show, her hair also changes! Kalye Cuoco’s hair in 2016 has been under the watch of trend hunters, and we are just as excited to see what the starlet will do next with her blonde locks.
Kaley Cuoco Hair Styles Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles & Haircuts Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc

Kaley Cuoco Hairstyles & Haircuts Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc

Kaley Cuoco short hair Credit: Flickr.com/celebrityabc


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