Karen Gillan’s Nebula Makeup Test, ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ Actress All Set for ‘Tupperware Party’ in Scotland

Karen Gillan
Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty

Karen Gillan recently posted a pic of her Nebula makeup test on Instagram. The Guardians of the Galaxy 2 actress was about to fly out to Scotland for Tupperware Party – not the selling of Tupperware, but a movie. But before she did, she had to undergo a makeup test for Nebula.

The Jumanji star seemed to be getting back into character, though the film wrapped up shooting back in June. Furthermore, the trailer has already been released, so what does Gillan have in store as her character, Nebula?

As for Tupperware Party, it is Gillan’s directorial debut. It’s the first film that she’s written, directed, and starred in! There isn’t much released about the premise of the film, but if Gillan is starring in and directing it, then it is bound to be a hit – fans just can’t get enough of the Scottish red-headed beauty!

Karen Gillan Beauty Tips

With porcelain skin and fire-red hair, Gillan is no doubt a beautiful woman. Even though she is known for her striking hair color, Gillan has admitted that she was often teased for it growing up. Now that she is older, Gillan totally embraces her red locks.

As for her hair care routine, Gillan actually went bald a few years back – talk about low maintenance. Although she embraced the bald period in her life, you’ll be happy to know that all of her hair is back. And to care for it, she often will switch up shampoos, which generally tend to be as natural as possible.

For her skin care, it’s all about protecting her porcelain skin. Because she is so fair-skinned, she is susceptible to sunburns. She often puts on sunscreen to prevent them. Her favorite product for skin protection is Chanel’s Précision UV Essentiel SPF50, which she suggests also prevents freckles.

Gillan’s beauty routine is pretty simple and basic, and frankly, she doesn’t need much to look as flawless as she does. It’s more about protecting what she has and letting her natural beauty shine through. Although she wears a lot of makeup for her role as Nebula, Gillan’s personal makeup look is generally simpler.

As for her fitness, Gillan actually had to put on weight instead of trimming down for her role in Guardians of the Galaxy. The producers of the film wanted Gillan to bulk up, so she trained immensely in order to build muscle mass—and ate more food, too. When she isn’t training for films, she generally adheres to a healthy diet as much as possible.

Since Karen Gillan has been seen on Dr. Who, she has very quickly risen to fame. From actress to now director and screenwriter, Gillan is looking like she will have a bright Hollywood future ahead of her.


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