Kate Hudson Celebrates Mom Goldie Hawn’s 71st Birthday Party: Ageless Beauty Shines during Girls’ Night Out

Kate Hudson Celebrates Mom Goldie Hawn's 71st Birthday Party: Ageless Beauty Shines during Girls' Night Ou
Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Staff

It’s no secret that acclaimed actress, Kate Hudson, is actress-comedienne, Goldie Hawn’s daughter. But what’s surprising is how both mother and daughter have managed to look equally stunning across two generations. Stepping out with friends for Hawn’s 71st birthday party, both Hudson and Hawn lit up the popular Los Angeles nightspot, Catch. While Hawn’s daughter has continued to leave an impression on the public in more recent films like Deepwater Horizon and Mother’s Day, many have been left impressed by Hawn’s age and related ability to look as young as she does. It’s hard to believe that the star of such classics as Shampoo and The First Wives Club is 71. But like any good talent, Hawn has some proven beauty tips to share and ones that Kate Hudson has inherited too.

Fountain of Youth

At her 71st birthday party and the subsequent photos that appeared online, Hawn’s youthful look—complete with smoky eye makeup and slip dress—took center stage in recent fashion pages. While she’s often maintained that she’s gained a lot of her youthful look and energy from her spiritual commitments such as meditation, Hawn uses domestic products to enhance her youthful looks.

While she doesn’t go public with a large number of products she uses, Hawn prefers using Revive by L’Oreal for her skin, something she’s done for over 20 years. One other Goldie Hawn anti-aging secret is her giving up bad habits during her salad days as a young actress. She’s claimed that abandoning smoking and drinking alcohol has kept her skin from becoming tighter and helped avoided wrinkles. In addition, she’s often avoided many different facial creams in favor of ingesting olive oil before bed to help smooth skin—something she’s picked up from holistic health practitioners.

The Next Generation

At 37, Kate Hudson is following in her mother’s footsteps and even snatched up some her age-defying secrets as well. As a youngster on the sets of her mother’s film productions, Hudson took careful notes from Hawn’s makeup artist, Tom Case on how to apply makeup properly, which colors to use and how to form one’s own style over time.

She’s experimented with a variety of makeup and skin cream concoctions while also indulging in face massages to keep her skin loose and youthful looking. Hudson makes sure they both get out regularly to spas for skin treatments, along with doing sports together such as tennis and hiking.

Many that have seen Kate Hudson in films and photo shoots note how much presence her eyes have. She’s often attributed their look to using multi-purpose cosmetics, including Egyptian Magic—a non-synthetic, fragrance-free skin cream that she applies under her eyes daily. Hudson has also acted as a brand ambassador for Almay—a company that produces a line of both eye makeup and makeup removal products widely used by other celebrities such as singer, Carrie Underwood.



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