Keke Palmer Tries Different Hairstyles, Is This Zayday’s New Look For Scream Queens Season 2?

Keke Palmer Tries Different Hairstyles, Is this for Zayday’s New Look for “Scream Queens” Season 2
Credit: Kimberly White / Stringer

It’s hard for Keke Palmer to resist changing from one hairstyle to the next, at  any given day. In this past week alone, the actress has dawned a bright red pixie cut, a red banged look, and an icy platinum blue wig. Could this be for her character, Zayday’s, new look for Scream Queens season 2?

The truth is: Palmer rocks a pixie cut hairstyle when she’s not on set, but only wears long hair for her role as Zayday, she explains to Essence magazine.

“I love the pixie cut. It’s going to be pixie for a while. It’ll be pixie and long back and forth. It’ll be back and forth because of my show. If [you see me in a pixie] that’s me loving it. When I have my long hair, it usually has something pertaining to my new show.”

Palmer recently posed for Jen Atkin’s site, Mane Addicts, where she had the chance to go all out in the hair department. She also took to Instagram to show off a couple looks from the photo shoot. And if there’s one thing Palmer knows better than anything: it’s hair care.

Palmer grew up in a family that knew a lot about hair maintenance, makeup, and styling, so naturally, she picked up a few tips along the way. Her daytime, and nighttime, hair routine consists of her brushing her hair in a circular motion,  and putting a scarf on. When her hair is short, she does the same thing, except she adds oil to it.

“I grew up around women who were into hair, so I’ve always been very into taking good care of it. If I’m wearing extensions, I wash it every couple of weeks or every three weeks, depending on how much product I’ve been putting into it,” said Palmer.

Palmer’s one hair tip: always pay attention to your hair, even though it’s not yours. Even if you use weaves, Palmer stresses the importance of maintaining your hair and its health.

For the Scream Queens star, a hair makeover is a way of self-expression and experimentation.

“When I’m not filming, I’m outside of my character and I’m not held back by the continuity of filming and so on—I can really explore without any inhibitions.”

Despite her flare for hair, Palmer has learned a thing or two about style from her role as Zayday Williams. Playing that role has taught her to accessorize everything, and relates to her character, stating that it’s both her, and Zayday’s, best accessory.

Palmer appreciates her character’s looks, and enjoys when she mixes it up from time to time. Her favorite look of Zayday’s so far is the Cleopatra costume she wore for Halloween.