Kylie Jenner Moves Away From Lipsticks with Her Cosmetics Company’s First Eyeshadow Palette

Kylie Jenner

Lipstick maven and reality show personality Kylie Jenner has launched her first line of non-lipstick cosmetics with the “Kyshadow” eyeshadow palette.

Kylie introduced the eyeshadow palette in a seven-minute video that aired on her smartphone app. During the video, Kylie showed off how the palette contains nine shades of the bronze family and that they can work together or independently of one another. She also admitted to secretly wearing the products for the past seven months.

This recent Monday, a day ahead of the launch of the Kyshadow products, Kylie started hitting the streets of Los Angeles in an excursion heavily documented on Snapchat. The city is home to many fans of the Kylie Lip Kit and she wanted to do a little something special for her biggest cosmetics supporters. Whether they were at home or work, Kylie showed up and hand-delivered a Kyshadow package so some of her best customers could expand their cosmetics collection. The videos are an entertaining collection of excited cries, a few tears, lots of hugs, and a pair of bemused girls Kylie gifted on a whim in a parking lot.

Following the early-access giving spree, Kylie Jenner filmed a “thank you” video to her fans and also promised more upcoming products under the “#summersurprises” hashtag. Since in that same video she mentions that she is already working on a fourth eyeshadow palette, it may be safe to assume that palettes two and three will be this summer’s cosmetics expansions.

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