Lady Gaga to Perform at the 2016 VSFS! Who Will Look Sexier, Angels or Fashionista?

Lady Gaga to Perform at the 2016 VSFS! Who Will Look Sexier, Angels or Fashionista?
Credit: Ethan Miller / Staff

Sweet mother of monster! Lady Gaga has arrived in Paris in style to join the Victoria Secret brigade for the 2016 VSFS. Fans have gone ballistic over the news trying to figure out what the fashionista will wear onstage. We are pretty sure that the Angels are also excited (read nervous) to share the platform with the queen of bizarre styles.

The 30-year-old singer has never settled for sophisticated or classy looks. In fact, she has always made a style statement with every entrance or public appearance. We sure remember the raw meat dress or her entry at the 2011 Grammys in a giant egg! You name it, Gaga has worn it.

Probability of Gaga Eclipsing the Angels Is High!

The “Poker Face” singing sensation is a loyal purchaser at VS stores. She wears sexy, tasteful lingerie as daily outfits—and pulling-off inner-wears as outer-wears comes naturally to her. Recently, the pop star shared a picture on Instagram posing with the Hadid sisters, in a pink satin robe and fishnet stockings and boots. And might we add that she looked like a rebel overshadowing the charm of the Hadid sisters.

Ok on a scale 1-10 how many men (or women) wish they were me right now. Caught in Babe Sandwich???#vsfashionshow

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We have seen Gaga rock bustiers and bandeaus in all shapes and textures, teaming them with skirts, blazers, pants, and denim shorts. Performing at the VSFS might be new, but sporting lingerie as streetwear is a game which Gaga aced long ago. Did you also have flashbacks of the machine gun bustier she wore on tour in 2011 and the Madonna-esque cone bra which she wore to accept the Grammy in 2011?

Gaga touched down in the French capital last Sunday bra-less in a plunging tiger print blazer. Keeping the motif of the elaborate fashion show in mind, we think her outfit is just a preview of something we can only imagine. Keep calm Angels, for your thunder could be stolen. #justsayin



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