Lana Del Rey Nails: How to Get the Perfect Stiletto Nails Like Lana

Lana Del Rey's Tribute to The Weeknd’s “Starboy” at Home, Looking Absolutely Stunning
(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Interscope)

This has been a crazy year for nail art and trends. From adding 3D charms to fresh manicures, to coffin shaped nails, to even having real scorpions embedded into nails, we’ve seen some pretty intense stuff. Whether you’re a fan of these trends or not, you’ve got to admit that watching them unfold is entertaining.

Style icon Lana Del Rey has, surprisingly, taken part in these fads. However, as you probably expect, she toned it down and put her own demure spin on it. The singer has been seen rocking stiletto shaped nails all throughout the year. Lana Del Rey’s nails have become such a fan favorite, they even have their own Twitter page… Yeah, you read that right.

Since she’s such a fashion icon, it doesn’t really surprise us that her trendy nails have caught some attention. Beauty gurus have even taken to YouTube to show their followers how to achieve their own DIY stiletto nails, inspired by Lana.

How to Do Lana Del Rey Nails

If you’re wondering how to achieve Del Rey’s red nails, we’ve found the perfect tutorial for you on how to do stiletto nails. YouTuber Serena Wanders shows how to get the perfect DIY Lana Del Rey nails without having to make a trip to the nail salon, even showing you how to shape your stiletto nails. She first cuts and files the acrylic nail to her desired shape, and makes sure that each nail fits her nail bed properly. Then taping each one to a pencil, she carefully paints them.

Although Serena Wanders paints on a red tipped stiletto nail design inspired by Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die look, we love the look of black stiletto nails. Matte nails are also a super chic option. After letting them dry, she carefully glues each to her own nail. The end product is almost an exact replica of Lana Del Rey’s manicure!

Lana Del Ray’s Nails Have Twitter

Though the idea of Lana’s digits having their own Twitter account sounds absurd, we can’t judge… We spend a good portion of time scrolling through all of the fierce nail looks that the account posted!

The super-fan behind this account often posts admiring messages to go along with the pictures, like “how can a human have such a beautiful face voice and nails.” We wonder that, too.

They posted a picture of the beautiful red tipped manicure that Serena Wanders re-created in her YouTube tutorial:

Even when she’s in need of a refill, this fan page adores her digits.

Sharing some more adoration for her over all aesthetic, the account captioned a stunning picture of Lana, “she looks like she’s hidin so many secrets behind that smirk and them nails.”