Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Her: Holiday Gift Ideas to Surprise Your Loved One

Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Her: Holiday gGift iIdeas to Surprise Your Loved One
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Time booked off? Check. Travel plans in place? Sure. Got the gifts for the kids? Indeed. And for her? Uh…There’s that horrible pause. If it’s your partner or, heaven forbid, you looking for holiday gift ideas, you’ll know that the rush and accompanying stress is on. The last-minute-gifts-for-her chase is never fun, and the confusion of the holiday season causes stress, but it happens. Even if you are on the countdown to get your Christmas presents, it’s not impossible to get last-minute gifts for her.

Fast but Meaningful

If you find yourself down to the wire for Christmas gift ideas or unique Christmas gifts for her, that doesn’t mean you have just buy from the dollar store. There are some last-minute gifts that you can score quickly.

Skin Cream

It might be said that cosmetics are good Christmas gift ideas. However, skin cream is special, particularly the slightly pricier ones. Your partner will likely appreciate the cost amount as she’s aware of the quality of products available. The L’Occitane cream is a good example.

A Watch

Even if she already has one, a good-looking, name-brand watch makes for a practical gift that can be used in professional and social occasions. Check out Skagen’s gold watches as they come with quality and price together.

Gift Cards

Some think this is cheating a bit, but often, last-minute Christmas gifts for her are born out of lack of choice. If you simply can’t find anything, give her a card for her favorite retailer, be it The Gap or Estée Lauder, with a good amount of money included on it and let her be the shopper.

A Boxed Set

With so many TV shows on now, it’s possible to access them on TV and save episodes to watch later. However, consider the box sets as viable last-minute gift options: they often come in Blu-Ray formats, have all the episodes and extra features, and even include surprise accessories that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Having Some Fun

Depending on how rushed you are, you might be able to get some creative gift ideas together. Sometimes the presents that are the most original are the best gifts for her.

Here are some examples:

Beer-Brewing Kit

This might sound absurd, but in the wake of today’s huge craft brewing industry, home brewing kits are something inclusive for just about anyone. Make sure you say it’s for both of you to brew together to create something tasty .

Small Kitchen Appliances

Even a waffle iron or countertop grill can be appealing and even inspiring. People like to cook, and this motivates them to do so as it provides them with the tool to do it.

Chemex Coffee Maker

Coffee goes over well with just about anyone. The Chemex is a real, bare bones coffee maker that allows one to brew coffee with hot water, fresh coffee grounds, and a simple filtration system—almost like in a café.

Trivial Pursuit

Games are good to bring anyone together. Trivial Pursuit is just one example of a game as an easy Christmas presents for girlfriends or anyone at that. It tests the mind, isn’t always the most common present given to others, and can be taken anywhere.



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