Lily Collins Bob Cut Hairstyle: Phil Collins’ Daughter Stuns at Rules Don’t Apply Promotion in West Hollywood

Lily Collins Bob Cut Hairstyle: Phil Collins’ Daughter Stuns at Rules Don't Apply Promotion in West Hollywood
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

When Lily Collins, pop star Phil Collins’ daughter, appeared on the red carpet at the Stylemakers Awards in West Hollywood on Nov. 17, crowd-goers were transfixed by her appearance. Sporting a bob cut and a long red dress, many attendees noted how inspired she looked in line with many of her peers. Since then, her style sense—perhaps inspired by her recent appearance in Warren Beatty’s latest Howard Hughes bio-pic, Rules Don’t Apply—has caught on with the general public, and inspired many to seek out the secrets to Collins’ fashion sense.

Lily Collins’ Top Cut

What drew the most attention from Collins’ appearance at the StyleMakers  Awards was her hairstyle. Rather than sporting her typically longer locks, she opted for a hair makeover that was uncharacteristic of her and many of her peers. Many have noted that her hair makeover may be reflective of her appearance in the new period romantic comedy-drama, Rules Don’t Apply. It stars Collins as a late 1950’s aspiring actress contracted by eccentric mogul, Howard Hughes (played by Beatty), who falls in love with Hughes’ chauffeur even though she’s forbidden to do so.

In any case, the universal consensus is that she has set a certain hairstyle precedence to come. Contrary to popular belief, she doesn’t treat her hair with dyes. According to The Mortal Instruments author, Cassandra Clare, Collins has put a stop to dying her hair since she’s done it so much in previous roles and she fears eventual hair loss.

Other Features

Collins’s fashion sense at the Stylemakers Awards might have also been directly influenced by her appearance in Rules Don’t Apply. She has noted that the period film forced her to don the fashions of the late 1950’s, including very “uncomfortable undergarments.” While she admitted to not necessarily liking these clothes, she confessed to them being positively influential in her performance. Her character, Marla, has to wear many tight-fitting fashion pieces, and famed film costume designer, Albert Wolsky, helped in the creation of them all. She explained on the Stylemakers Awards red carpet that she was comfortable with Wolsky picking the costumes necessary, and she let him “do [his] thing.” She’s openly complimented him on his attention to detail, and showing her how clothing-to-body proportion really matters.

One other mention made during Collins’ appearance at the Stylemakers Awards was the minimal amount of makeup she wore. She wore no lipstick and only some lashings of mascara. Again, this is reflective of Collins, and the precedence she’s set for herself since she first stepped into the spotlight. She’s only ever used the basics of face powders and creams, and never fusses with her facial appearance or hairstyles much. She’s been known to craft her eyebrows, as they always appear bold and in proportion to her other facial features.


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