Lip Care 2017: Best Natural Remedies and Effective Lip Care Products to Get Rid of Dark Lips

Best Natural Remedies and Effective Lip berries for lip careCare
Best Natural Remedies and Effective Lip berries for lip careCare

Lip skin is naturally thin and more delicate than any other skin on the body. With a lower number of melanocytes or melanin producing cells in the lips, the area appears much lighter than the rest of the body. The underlying tissues are supple and rosy, giving healthy lips a radiant and supple look. However, this also makes it more prone to issues like darkening, chapping, and bruising.

Most of the time, dry and dark lips are a result of unhealthy habits, medical conditions, or weather conditions. These are some of the causes.

Smoking: Nicotine plays a large role in damaging the internal tissues and making lips look black and unhealthy.

Hormonal imbalance: This is generally as a result of menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, or menopause which cause hormonal changes in the body.

Using cheap lipsticks and balms: They are loaded with artificial ingredients, fragrances, and chemicals which damage the skin and ruins its appearance.

Excessive sun exposure: UVA and UVB rays are highly dangerous. Stepping out without a good sunblock can harm your lips and cause tanning.

High intake of caffeinated drinks: High in sugar and artificial colors, they increase the blood sugar level which further leads to a number of other unhealthy outcomes.

Dryness: Improper hydration, weather changes, and hormonal changes are some causes of dryness and chapping, which if not attended to, cause darkening.

Hyperpigmentation: Dark patches are seen due to the increase in melanin in some areas of the body. All of the above factors can lead to hyperpigmentation.

Medications: Strong medication often affects the normal functioning of the body. Be sure to consume plenty of water to prevent them from causing side effects.

Dehydration: With minimal water content in the body, lips do not get the required hydration and nourishment, and hence turn dark.

Home Remedies to Get Pink Lips

Home Remedies to Get Pink Lips

Home remedies include natural products to lighten dark lips. However, it’s important to do it daily for a good period of time to get the best results. To get soft, pink, and beautiful lips, try these natural home remedies, and put an end dark lips permanently.

Coconut Oil

With essential fatty acids and natural nourishing properties, coconut oil works wonders as a dark lip remedy. The buttery texture glides easily on dry lips, giving them intense, soothing hydration. Massaging gently also improves blood circulation in the area. Use it a few times a day as a lip balm.

Almond Oil

A rich, nourishing formula for damaged lips, almond oil works effectively by smoothing and rejuvenating the lip skin. A good beauty tip is to rub a little on darkened lips a few times a day to effectively and gently eliminate discoloration.

Lemon and Honey Lip Serum

To make this serum, combine equal parts of fresh lemon juice with natural honey. Mix well and use it as a serum for your darkened lips a few times a day. After an hour of application, wipe off with a moistened soft cloth.


Glycerin on its own works wonders to prevent dryness and tanning of the lips. Simply coat the lips with a thin layer of glycerin using a cotton swab. Repeat this process every night for healthy, pink lips. Glycerin is soothing and gentle on skin and reduces pigmentation on lips.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains aloesin, a natural polyphenolic compound that stops the pigmentation process. It also rejuvenates the lip skin and provides hydration. Every day, rub a little aloe gel on the lips and then rinse off with warm water. Or, apply a bit of the pulp from the aloe leaf. Use the remaining pulp on the skin or hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids, and thus, is mildly acidic. Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar with water, and dab on damaged lips with a cotton ball. Wait for 10 to 12 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

Baking Soda

Baking soda naturally exfoliates and removes dead skin from the surface. Be sure to follow this tip with a nourishing lip balm or Vaseline to keep the lips hydrated. Simply combine baking soda with water to form a paste. Rub this on your lips using a soft toothbrush for a few minutes. Wash off and follow it up with lip balm.

Beetroot Slices

Simply slice a beetroot and refrigerate. Rub the piece a few times a day on darkened lips and wash off after 20 minutes. Beetroot works well for cleansing and hydrating the lips due to its antioxidant properties.

Cucumber Juice

A natural coolant, cucumber juice also lightens lips while nourishing them. Simply cool some fresh cucumber juice in the refrigerator and then use a cotton ball to dab a little on your lips. Allow it to stay for 30 minutes before washing it off.


Rosewater is great for cell renewal and brightens lips. A regular application gives rosy, soft lips as it stimulates blood flow. Use a clean cotton ball soaked in rose water and rub it gently over your lips. Keep it overnight and wash off the next morning.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are naturally cooling, hydrating and soothing. Combine fresh rose petal paste with honey, butter, or milk cream and mix well. Use this pack on the lips and scrub gently with your fingers. Use it twice a week for soft, pink, glowing lips.

Olive Oil

Olive oil works by nourishing, moisturizing, and eliminating dry, chapped lips. The fruit-based oil can be combined with granulated sugar for an exfoliating lip scrub, or simply used on its own to soothe lips before going to bed. The oil is absorbed overnight, resulting in hydrated, pink lips the next morning.


Sugar acts as a great exfoliator. Exfoliation is essential as it removes dead skin and is safe to be practiced every alternate day to get healthy lips. Sugar should be combined with a nourishing agent like butter, olive oil, honey or cold cream, and rubbed on the lips in gentle circular motions.


With excellent antioxidant and anti-aging properties, pomegranates work naturally to lighten and nourish damaged lips. Crushed pomegranate seeds with milk or rosewater can be used as a good lip scrub. Similarly, use it with beetroot or carrot juice for treating dark lips.


Rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, a mixture of berries such as raspberries and black berries lends a natural, rosy color to lips while lightening them in the process. Crush fresh berries and combine with petroleum jelly for a fragrant, luscious, and rich berry lip balm.

Homemade remedies are safe and can be used once or twice every day. However, be sure to check the natural ingredients in the treatments by doing a small test on a patch of skin (preferable on the forearm) to check for any allergies.

Cosmetics to Lighten Dark Lips

Cosmetics to Lighten Dark Lips

Lip balms can be safely used a number of times a day. However, it’s best to stick to the suggestions mentioned here in this article.


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