Lucy Hale Back to Blonde Hair after Filming “Pretty Little Liars’” Last Season

PLL Actress Lucy Hale Shares Smudged Eye Makeup Look—Set To Host “New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” for 2016
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The end of Pretty Little Liars is sadly coming to an end, but PLL star Lucy Hale has chosen to see the bright side of things with her new blonde hair.

After wearing brown locks for the last seven seasons, Hale’s hair transformation is attributed to her hairstylist Kristen Ess. If you want to learn more about Hale’s hair makeover, then keep reading for more details.

Back to Blonde

Hale recently showed off her radiant blonde look on Instagram, with the caption “Back to the blonde life,” while thanking her stylist, Kristen Ess.

Ess was also responsible for giving hale a faux-bang, blonde bob that fans loved. It was one of Ess’ favorite looks, which she also used on actress Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Back to the blonde life. Thanks for my new hairs @kristin_ess ??

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But that’s not the only change for Hale; she’s been up to something slightly more permanent than a new hairstyle. Hale and her PLL co-stars all got matching tattoos recently (on their “whisper fingers”) to pay tribute to the characters that they’ve all been playing. The show was a fan favorite for seven long seasons but will be wrapping up after this one. (What will we do without a little “A” in our lives?)

Lucy Hale’s Beauty Secrets

Most fans are used to Aria’s secrets being spilled on the show, but Hale is more tight-lipped about her own secrets. But luckily for her fans, Hale spoke with Teen Vogue, giving the details of a day in her beauty-filled life.

6:00 A.M.

“When we’re filming Pretty Little Liars, I have to wake up extra early, and then I’m on set all day. I have to wash my hair more frequently when we’re shooting since there’s just so much product buildup, but when we’re not, I try to shampoo as little as possible.” And FYI: Hale loves dirty hair, because it gives more texture! (Who knew?)

Hale uses the Frederic Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and conditioner, and after her shower, she puts on a quick layer of body product—Mark’s Mango Nectar Whipped Up Body Butter— because it smells good, she says.

7-7:30 A.M.

“Obviously when we’re filming, I don’t put any makeup on before I get there. I’m so lucky to work with such a great beauty team on Pretty Little Liars, and Cindy Miguens is a fantastic artist! I let her do all the work.” Hale adds that because she’s constantly wearing makeup for work, she likes to keep it simple when she’s not working.

11:30 A.M.

Hale doesn’t follow any diet in particular, but she is fortunate to be an avid consumer of healthier food choices. However, she does have one skeleton in her closet: A sweet tooth! She says she could never avoid sweets, but the actress does attempt to avoid dairy because it makes her “congested.”

7-8:00 P.M.

Wearing Aria’s makeup all day can be taxing, so when Hale gets home, she uses Avon’s Makeup Wipes to strip away a long day off her face. Hale also has to stay in shape for all those running scenes and stays fit by practicing yoga, which relaxes her.


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