Lucy Hale Hair: “Pretty Little Liars” Star’s Hairstyle Transformation over the Years

Lucy Hale Hair: "Pretty Little Liars" Star's Hairstyle Transformation over the Years
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Despite her young age, Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, has become a fashion and style icon. More specifically, Lucy Hale’s hair is something that style devotees have been keeping track of. In a short of span of time, Hale’s hairstyle transformations are plentiful and already being imitated by both young and old fans. She even posted many of her latest styles on her Instagram page, noting new colors and additions she gets from stylists.

Light and Shade

Many people have kept up with Lucy Hale on Pretty Little Liars to see what she might be doing stylistically show-to-show. Now that the show has wrapped up, Lucy Hale’s hairstyles and hair colors are numerous as she has time to experiment a bit. Though Lucy Hale’s blonde hair has historically been well known, she’s mostly gone for really dark hair color’s of late. However, Lucy Hale’s blonde hair is still imitated, and the blonde concoction her stylist, Kristin Ess, recently did has been getting raves from fans. It’s an amber tone created thanks to the addition of platinum shades with Hale’s roots left naturally. In fact, what many have said is how natural Ess’ work looks on Hale, and that her style never looks artificial. Yet for followers, Ess notes that getting this style is not an easy overnight project. Coloring from one hair type to another can take some experimentation, often over a few days, and using the right ingredients.

Long and Short

Lucy Hale is hair inspiration, not only in terms of color, dying technique, and matching it with skin type, but also in length. Hale’s had everything from down-the-back length to the bob hair look, something that’s gained her a certain amount of extra attention. Even with hair cut short, Hale seems to be able to style it in a number of different ways. She is able to incorporate faux-fringe looks, dark A-lines, and with several highlights.

When she lets her hair grow long, Hale has been able to pull off wavy casual and formal looks, straight formal appearances and put her hair into up-dos. Hale has also experimented with braiding and hard straightening for many red carpet and industry events. That’s probably what’s most interesting about Lucy Hale’s many hair transformations: how easy she makes it look and how she is willing to experiment with her hair to achieve styles that fans wouldn’t consider. And there will likely be more to come…



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