Lucy Hale, “Pretty Little Liars” Star, Dazzles in Blue Makeup & Eye Shade for Cosmopolitan’s Markgirl Shoot

Lucy Hale, “Pretty Little Liars” Star, Dazzles in Blue Makeup & Eye Shade for Cosmopolitan’s Markgirl Shoot
(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Pretty Little Liars star, Lucy Hale, is known for always taking incredible fashion risks with her hair, clothes, and even her makeup looks. Recently, she partook in a Markgirl photo shoot, and took one of the biggest makeup risks she has ever taken during her career—one that she had vowed she would never try—but it paid off tremendously.

Her longtime friend and makeup artist, Kelsey Deenihan, finally convinced her to try blue makeup, and even concocted a special blue eye and lipstick shade combination for the star. With a bold blue eye shadow and lipstick, the results were absolutely stunning.

Lucy posted some of the pictures from the Cosmopolitan Markgirl shoot on her Instagram account, and her fans completely adored her new rock n’ roll chic look. The cool new makeup was well contrasted by Hale’s porcelain skin and gorgeous blond locks and the look was topped off with a stylish dark green leather jacket, which perfectly complemented her intoxicating hazel eyes. Everything about this entire look is pure perfection and we are so glad that she finally came around to trying blue makeup.

New Casetify Line

This gorgeous new metallic blue makeup transformation happened just in time for the launch of a new product line called Casetify, for which Lucy is the new creative director. She could not be more perfect for this role, considering she has an extensive artistic and creative talent, as proven by her outlandish yet beautiful style choices over the years. Looking through the wide selection of beautiful, creative, colorful, and unique phone cases that she has designed, it is obvious that this is one career endeavor she was meant to take on.

It is clear that Lucy has a real gift for being creative, and it makes sense for her to express that creativity in a way that will not only keep her financially afloat post-Pretty Little Liars, but in a way that will also continue to keep her close to her fans. Many fans are upset by the show’s end, but this way, they can still keep a little bit of Lucy Hale with them everywhere they go. Check out the Instagram page for Casetify here:

If that is not enough, they can also be inspired to try her awesome new blue makeup look for themselves. Maybe after Lucy is finished with designing new and cool phone cases, she will embark on a different fashion-related endeavor like a new clothing or makeup line of her own. That would certainly be interesting to see, because fans are already always anticipating her latest style transformations and changes.

She is already a television, music, and social media icon, so there is nothing stopping Lucy Hale from pursuing other creative avenues. After all, someone who has over 16 million Instagram followers who adore her for everything she does is surely not going to fade out of spotlight any time soon, and we cannot wait to see what new and interesting style ideas she comes up with next!



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