Lucy Liu, 47, Reveals Her Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine and Beauty Secrets

Lucy Liu, 47, reveals her anti-aging skin care routine and beauty
Credit: Matt Winkelmeyer / Stringer

Charlie’s Angels star Lucy Liu shares her beauty secrets and the skin care routine that has everyone thinking she is much younger than it actually is with E! News. The Elementary actress gives a detailed description of her anti-aging regimen and how she maintains her youthful presence.

One helpful lifestyle tip is that Liu practices healthy eating habits and avoids junk food at all costs.

“Aside from exercising, these days I’m eating really organic. I’ll even pass on something if I don’t think it’s organic, Liu explains to E! News. I’m doing that more now because I have a 1-year old son and it’s important for me to feed him things that are fresh.”

Liu’s Workout Routine

When it comes to working out, Liu has one obsession: SoulCycle. The 47-year-old actress tells E! News that she finds it energizing and that it helps activate her brain in the morning, which is essential when memorizing so many lines for her hit TV show Elementary. It’s not easy for her to get up in the morning, but she finds comfort in working out with a group of people.

When it comes to skincare, Liu credits her skin to the use of coconut oil and Avene cream on her face—she drinks a lot of water too.

Like most women, Liu has a favorite makeup go-to that she uses daily. In her arsenal, Liu has concealer, mascara (which she only uses for the Japanese market), and cream blush. She also relies on Avon for her lips, a foundation stick by Tom Ford, and a wonderful Elizabeth Arden eyebrow pencil.


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