Makeup Trends 2017: MODA Prismatic Makeup Brushes and Unicorn Lashes’ Mermaid Magic!

Credit : Instagram @royallangnickel
Credit : Instagram @royallangnickel

Royal & Langnickel’s MODA Prismatic Makeup Brushes are what dreams are made of! One look at them and you would agree. Designed by the leading manufacturer of high-quality makeup brushes and accessories, the stunning brushes are made with dense, super-soft, and finely-bristled glamorous tips, which are uniquely shaped to fit the contours of the face for better makeup application.

Recently, a collection of Harry Potter makeup brushes, complete with magic-inspired shades, took everyone by surprise and women rushed to buy them online. Similarly, the extremely colorful and creatively-designed makeup brushes released by Unicorn Lashes, look just as exquisite.  When the company initially posted the mermaid tail-inspired brushes on their Instagram account, it almost crashed the Internet. They come in a shell-shaped case and are a wonderful addition to any woman’s makeup kit.

 Royal & Langnickel’s MODA Prismatic Makeup Brushes

Almost a month ago, one of the hottest makeup trends of 2017 was first revealed on Instagram. It was the time when Royal & Langnickel introduced their MODA Prismatic makeup brushes. Showcased in a giveaway to a lucky few, the line of brushes instantly got the response it was looking for from fans and followers everywhere.

Another upload showed the set of four brushes neatly packed in a transparent case. Designed in vibrant and glossy hues of purple, midnight blue, and teal, the brushes gleamed in the package. The post received more than 2,000 likes and over 200 comments from fans, who were excited over the brilliance of these phenomenal makeup brushes. Royal & Langnickel captioned it, “Get a flawless complexion and killer contour with our brand new MODA Prismatic Face Perfecting Kit, coming soon to @walmart! Anyone else dying over these gorgeous colors? #royallangnickel.”

They also took the opportunity to disclose more details about the accessories as they captioned the image, “Congratulations to the winners of our MODA Prismatic giveaway. Please send us a PM to claim your prize. Thank you so much to everyone who entered!” The brand also stated, “This set is rolling out in US@walmart stores right now, so make sure to snap a photo and tag #royallangnickelif if you grab one!”

The toothbrush-like makeup brushes are now available in Walmart stores across the U.S. Royal & Langnickel have chosen to make the brushes surprisingly affordable as compared to the sky-high prices that are generally charged by other companies for their products these days. The complete four-piece Face Perfecting Kit is priced at $16.48, way lower than most brands charge for a single makeup brush. You can also purchase the kit for $24.99 on Royal & Langnickel’s web site at

The holographic brushes are super-chic to look at, girly in every way, and still have the required rigidity and structure. The MODA Prismatic line of makeup brushes have flat and sturdy handles, complete with synthetic bristles. The brushes not only look fantastic, but also work flawlessly. With this set, you do not require an additional beauty blending sponge, as the brush set is capable of blending all kinds of makeup products with utmost ease and to perfection.

The Face Perfecting Kit is a wonderful mix of four brushes that are great for beginners and professionals, too. The largest brush in the kit is three inches in height and has an oval shape. This one is perfect for blending your liquid or cream-based foundation. It also works well for powder application. A good makeup tip is to carry it in your purse everyday for a quick sweep of loose power anytime. The second one in the set is about two inches and works effectively for blending together your highlighter, adding bronzer for a night out, or dusting blush on your cheeks. The one-inch oval brush is meant for contouring, as it works easily on the face by gliding smoothly in hard-to-reach areas. Lastly, the smallest brush is great for applying eye shadows, blending in bits of concealer, or simply smudging your kohl for a sultry, smoky look.

All the brushes are made with superior quality materials and have been specially designed to mold the contours of your face. The brushes are user-friendly, lightweight, and designed to easily fit into your purse. They also absorb minimal makeup and creams so that your costly products end up on your skin and not in the brushes. Minimal usage also saves a lot in terms of product, time, and money.

Mermaid Tail Brushes by Unicorn Lashes

The mermaid tail brushes by Unicorn Lashes are like no other. Designed in vibrant colors, each brush has a mermaid tail-shaped end, complete with tiny fins and scales. A visual treat, the brushes appeared on Instagram a few weeks ago, causing fans to go crazy over their appearance. Unicorn Lashes posted the pic with the caption, “Now time to take our MERMAID BRUSHES to production!!! ?????? artwork as always by my truly amazing @kurtisrykovich ?? so much love for this man! Which one is your fave? Inspired by Beta Fish and Mermaids of course #mermaidbrushes.”


The Instagram upload was liked by over 8,000 fans, and a whopping 700+ fans also commented on the post, inquiring about the release date of the brush set and where it could be purchased from. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the release of these mermaid-inspired brushes.

Unicorn Lashes also recently announced that they have stocked up on their popular signature Unicorn makeup brushes. They conveyed the news to their fans on Instagram. The post featured the set of eight glorious brushes in pearl shades. The bristles look gorgeous and are made of the lightest hues of pink, blue, lilac, and teal. The brand captioned the post, “The Original Unicorn brushes are back in stock! January isn’t so bad!!!”

The Original Unicorn brushes are back in stock! ???? January isn't so bad!!!

A photo posted by ?The Original Unicorn Brushes? (@unicornlashesuk) on



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