Martha Hunt on Harper’s Bazaar Cover: Victoria’s Secret Angel All Ready for 2016’s Paris Fashion Show

Martha Hunt on Harper's Bazaar Cover: Victoria's Secret Angel All Ready for 2016's Paris Fashion Show
Credit: Nicholas Hunt / Staff

North Carolina native and now world famous model, Martha Hunt, has come a long way. After winning a beauty competition at age 18, she departed for New York City in 2007 and nothing has been the same since. Recently, her life has taken a new leap—she’s just made the new Harper’s Bazaar cover and become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Like her fellow Victoria’s Secret Angels, she’s attending 2016’s Paris Fashion Show to appear on the runway.

Strict Set of Rules

It might come as no surprise to many that Martha Hunt’s got a strict face cleansing routing down to five minutes for proper skin care: cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize. That’s the order that she abides by. In fact she makes a note of moisturizing regularly and, when time allows, getting oxygen facials.

Surprisingly, Hunt has an almost anti-makeup look and swears by a less-is-more approach to makeup. If and when she uses it, she swears by Rose-Marie Swift’s beauty products. When she goes for lipstick, Hunt favors Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream with a slight smudge—something she’s experimented with often. Fragrance-wise, she’s a fan of Victoria’s Secret XO Victoria for its rose-like scent.

Martha Hunt’s beauty routine also consists of weekly hair treatments of Olaplex—a hair repair home kit that relieves daily hair damage. She also stands by maintaining a vegan diet and regular exercise including regular yoga sessions, which keep her looking and feeling good, on or off the runway. In between shows, she indulges in the smoothies to keep her energy levels up.

Notes on Clothes and Accessories

While many in her profession don’t make much note of fashion and clothes, Martha Hunt keeps a list of her favorites. She’s friends with designer, Jason Wu, who has designed specifically for her. Hunt also takes every Stella McCartney event she can as she’s a fan of McCartney’s “fresh-feeling” collection. When it comes to more mainstream designers, Hunt favors Ralph Lauren and Prada (she’s modeled for the latter in the past). When she’s in Brooklyn, she enjoys shopping at Narnia Vintage Store on Driggs Avenue.

Like her colleagues, Martha Hunt keeps a well-stocked handbag of beauty supplies for her travels. It includes a Parisian lip balm and Aveeno moisturizer for when she runs into drier climates.



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