Megan Fox Wears Santa Suit for ‘New Girl’ Christmas Episode

Megan Fox Wears Santa Suit For ‘New Girl’ Christmas Episode
(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

New Girl fans were enticed with the promised return of Megan Fox’s character, Reagan, and millions of viewers tuned into watch Tuesday night’s Christmas episode. Donning a sexy Santa suit for her cameo in the episode entitled “Christmas Eve Eve,” viewers might have been disappointed to find out that New Girl’s Megan Fox didn’t have much screen time. Instead, this episode was centered around the show’s original main character, Jess, played by Zoey Deschanel. With a musical number from Darlene Love and the usual hilarious antics from Jake Johnson’s character Nick Miller, along with the rest of the gang, this episode delivered more holiday cheer than we could’ve asked for. The official Instagram page shared a still shot from the final episode of New Girl season 6, captioned “you’re going to LOVE all the holiday cheer in last night’s #NewGirl. ??” and boy, were they right! Guest star Megan Fox is seen wearing her feminine Santa costume with thigh-high stockings and Santa hat to match, all while smiling and dancing along to a musical number.

You're going to LOVE all the holiday cheer in last night's #NewGirl. ?? Click the link in our bio to watch.

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Megan Fox’s first cameo on the popular T.V. show resonated with viewers and she quickly became a fan favorite. As her character left the screen, Reagan’s presence never completely left New Girl—she remained the off-screen long-distance girlfriend of Nick Miller, ex-boyfriend of Zoey Deschanel’s character.

Megan Fox as Poison Ivy

New Girl isn’t all that Fox has going for her. She is rumoured to be playing Poison Ivy in a new female-led film, Gotham City Sirens. David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad, has plans to produce this Harley Quinn spin-off film. Dropping hints that some of DC’s most iconic female villains will be involved, Ayer has yet to confirm anything—not even a release date. Although Fox’s involvement in this upcoming movie is purely speculation for now, we seriously hope we’ll be seeing her decked out as Poison Ivy sometime soon!

Megan Fox’s Beauty Rules

It’s no coincidence that Megan Fox often gets casted as the ‘hot girl”—she always seems to play the girl that everyone’s after. With her smouldering facial features and impeccable physique, this doesn’t surprise us one bit. Though we know Fox’s look isn’t something you can just re-create, learning how to pamper yourself like she does is the next best thing, right? Marie Claire spoke to this beauty can found out about her makeup routine

Keeping her makeup fresh and simple even on the red carpet, Fox’s signature look includes a red lip with shadow-less eyes. After all, why bog down those piercing eyes with makeup? On her cheeks, she uses a blush, or uses a genius makeup tip—sometimes she applies the same lipstick she’s wearing to her cheeks! Her favorite makeup product is the Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani Lipstick in 400, as it contrasts beautifully with her dark hair color.

With a makeup tutorial as simple as this, we can tell that Megan Fox depends on her natural beauty, and we don’t blame her. With a stunning look like hers, who wouldn’t?



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