Mila Kunis: Her Eyes, Heterochromia, and Her Second Baby with Ashton Kutcher

Mila Kunis Eyes: Heterochromia, second baby with Ashton Kutcher
(Photo by Chris Weeks/Getty Images for Burberry)

No matter how you consider it, Mila Kunis is a one of today’s special young talents. Whether you see her in films—be it in dramatic roles like Black Swan, or in brief comedy cameos like Date Night—or on the red carpet in her newest fashion, there’s no denying her ability to dazzle an audience. Now that she’s had her second child with partner Aston Kutcher, the Bad Moms star is attracting more attention than ever. For beauty and fashion followers, Milia Kunis’ eyes are a key point of attention. She’s revealed that an acquired condition called heterochromia, coupled with specific eye makeup techniques, is what gives her eyes their unique look.

Unique Traits

A lot of fans are asking, “Is Mila Kunis’ heterochromia hereditary?” Was she really born with different colored eyes? The answer is no, not in her case. Heterochromia iridus is acquired and results in different colors of the  irises. There are different types of heterochromia, both hereditary and non-hereditary. Hereditary ones, like Waardenburg syndrome, are genetic conditions that cause hearing loss while changing color of skin or eyes. Non-hereditary ones are often caused by afflictions in the eyes, such as cataracts. This is what happened to Mila Kunis. After reporting blurred vision in 2011 and eventually having corrective surgery for a severe cataract, she was left with different colored eyes. While some might see it as an oddity, it’s important to note that other stars have eyes of different colors, including actress Kate Bosworth or the late David Bowie. This can add a mystique to their existing visual image.

No Hand-Me-Downs

Because of her eye condition, many have speculated that Mila Kunis’ heterochromia and children are automatically related—that is to say that Mila Kunis’ mismatched eyes will be passed down to her children. However, as explained previously, since Kunis acquired her heterochromia from an outside source, her children are unlikely to ever get the same condition.

On that, it’s good to know beautiful, quirky eyes secrets. Since Kunis unquestionably has those in the most positive sense, it’s time to see what helps make them standout as they do.

Mila Kunis’ Eye Makeup Tips

How does Mila Kunis enhance her eyes? Aren’t they enhanced enough being two different colors in the irises? Not exactly. The opposing colors give them character, but for added enhancement, an eyeliner of some sort—such as the Rimmels Scandal Eyes pencil, Lancome Art Liner liquid pen, or a Bobbi Brown gel liner—is in order. For that smoky Kunis-eye look, a palette such as Urban Decay Naked 2 shade helps. The eyeliner/pencil acts as a base and the shadow or palette is the blend to create the signature smoky look. Many makeup artists who are skilled at this advise applying the pencil with a light grip and go over the lash line with grace and then applying the shadow to one’s discretion to achieve whatever smoky-eye effect is desired.



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