“The Voice” Judge Miley Cyrus Sports Ugly Sweaters & Newest Tattoo this Christmas

Miley Cyrus All Ready For Christmas, “The Voice” Judge Wearing Ugly Sweaters Gets Newest Tattoo, the Miley Way
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It’s official, Miley Cyrus has taken the ugly Christmas sweater craze to a new level. The singer has enough ugly Christmas sweaters to take a new selfie wearing one every day—and she has! The 24-year-old star has taken to Instagram to show off her latest bizarre get ups nearly every day this week. The latest look entails Cyrus wearing a bright red sweater and dangling red Christmas bulb earrings, clearly showing off her holiday spirit. She quoted the photo with “The tree isn’t the only thing getting *LIT* this year!!!!!! Hollllaaaaaa! ???”

The tree isn't the only thing getting *LIT* this year!!!!!! Hollllaaaaaa! ???

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The Voice judge Miley Cyrus, who is no stranger to controversy, is enjoying wearing the ugly sweaters with risky sayings printed across the front along with her dogs who have also been pictured in Christmas attire. Pictured last week, the starlet wore one with the words printed across the front, “When I think about you, I touch my elf.” A more controversial holiday party sweater had the words, “Smoke Weed Every Christmas,” stitched into the wool design. Miley Cyrus also took to Instagram this week to show the newest tattoo she got just in time for the holiday season. The singer added to her long list of tattoos by getting a marijuana leaf on her ankle and captioning the photo with small Christmas trees. I suppose after her sweater slogans, there is no other caption needed! We are now just patiently waiting for Cyrus’ fiancé, Liam Hemsworth, to show his ugly Christmas sweater on Instagram. We may be waiting a long time!



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Miley Cyrus’ The Voice Finale Makeup and Look

Being a judge on the weekly TV show The Voice has given Miley Cyrus a new platform for showing off her creative and quirky styles each week as she takes her place in one of the famous red swivel chairs. The season finale of the hit TV show aired last week, and Cyrus was in true form with her eccentric style. Wearing a long sleeve silky mini dress with bright pink, green, yellow, and red chevron stripes, the dress was completely outlined in multicolored sequins. It featured a bedazzled turtleneck with multicolored sequins and gems. Around her waist was a thin little belt, and the look was finished off with hot pink metallic tights. Keeping her makeup look simple, Cyrus opted for a slight smoky eye, with natural blush and a light pink lipstick.

Stunning Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Not one to shy away from controversy, Miley Cyrus’ tattoos have featured some questionable content in the past. Her latest ink, a marijuana leaf on her left ankle, has people talking on social media and has seen mostly positive feedback. Miley Cyrus’ tattoos in 2016 have been in the news, as the star regularly adds to her growing number of stunning pieces of body art. Pictures of Miley Cyrus’ tattoo and piercings can be found all over the internet, showing that the singer is once again making waves on the trend watcher’s lists this year. While we don’t suggest showing up to your holiday party in one of Cyrus’s Christmas sweaters or showing off your new tattoos, we must hand it to Miley Cyrus—she definitely knows how to get everyone talking.



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