Miley Cyrus and Sister Noah Wish Merry Christmas to Fans on Instagram Dressed in Bizarre Get Up

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s Christmas Celebration- Singer Shares Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection
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Miley Cyrus, along with sister Noah Cyrus, took to Instagram this past week to spread some Christmas cheer. The sisters, dressed in holiday-inspired attire, appeared on Miley Cyrus’ Instagram looking festively decorated for the holiday season. Wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, sunglasses with antlers, and draped in multicolored Christmas lights, Miley Cyrus was the one wearing the most bizarre get up. Miley Cyrus’ sister went for a more subdued look with her Christmas costume, wearing a red blouse and a furry reindeer antler headband.

The sisters captioned their Christmas Instagram with, “@noahcyrus & I are wishin yiew a Meowyyyyy Cwizzzzzmas ! ?❤️???” Miley Cyrus’ Instagram has a variety of holiday inspired photos, including those of her dogs wearing Santa suits and Christmas sweaters. Keeping her romantic life private, Liam Hemsworth’s fiancé has kept all photos of the handsome actor off her Instagram. There have been many rumors in the past week that Cyrus and Hemsworth will be tying the knot anytime now, possibly on the beach in Australia. The pair have reportedly been eyeing a 4.5 million dollar mansion in Byron Bay, close to where Hemsworth’s brother and wife already live.

@noahcyrus & I are wishin yiew a Meowyyyyy Cwizzzzzmas ! ?❤️???

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Get Miley Cyrus’ Hair and Makeup for Christmas

Why not try a new look this Christmas season and take some beauty tips from Miley Cyrus. We all know Cyrus’ on-stage looks can be a little unconventional and over the top, but when off-duty, the 24-year-old singer typically looks very refined and sophisticated. We here at Agein have got all the tips on how to look like Miley Cyrus this holiday season.

Cyrus’ number one tip is to always wash off your makeup at night. She does struggle with breakouts, and has now become slightly obsessed with taking care of her skin. No matter how late or how tired she is, Cyrus is religious when it comes to cleansing her face properly at night. Always being in the spotlight means the Grammy nominated singer needs a makeup look that is always on trend. When Byrdie recently caught up with Cyrus, they spoke about what makeup product she could not live without. “I think a lip is the best. I’d rather have nothing on but lipstick—lipstick is the way to go.” As for Cyrus’ eye makeup routine, “I also live for an eyelash curler. If you just curl your eyelashes, you don’t need mascara. If you have an emotional breakdown and you cry, you’re fine. You can fall asleep and not ruin anything.” In order for Cyrus to look her very best, she also often uses tanning towels, a process that saves her from having to put makeup on everyday.

Now you are just left wondering how to get Miley Cyrus’ hair! Her strong hair is a result of deep conditioning treatments two times a week. To keep her curls under control, she uses a de-frizzer detangler which prevents it from losing its strength throughout the course of her day. After doing some major damage to her hair when she was younger, Miley Cyrus is taking it easy on dying it any color but blond, and plans on keeping her short, stylish hairdo for quite a while longer.



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