Miranda Kerr Stuns on Elle Spain November 2016 Cover, Victoria’s Secret Model Reveals Her Beauty Secrets

Miranda Kerr Stuns on Elle Spain November 2016 Cover, Victoria's Secret Model Reveals Her Beauty Secrets
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Being a famous model worldwide, it should come as no surprise that Miranda Kerr makes appearances in magazines all over the world—not just in the U.S. and her homeland of Australia. The Victoria’s Secret model recently appeared on the cover of Elle Spain in an edgy crop top and pencil skirt, showing off why she’s in such demand. It’s no wonder why so many fans wish they knew Miranda Kerr’s beauty secrets—and to some extent, they can.

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Miranda Kerr’s Elle Spain appearance is in the magazine’s November 2016 issue, and readers of the North American version of Elle are probably jealous that they can’t buy this cover at newsstands. Designed by world-renowned luxury brand Louis Vuitton, the 33-year-old model is sporting a red, blue, and black crop top.

Her lower half is covered in a matching pencil skirt, and the outfit is completed with a black jacket. Her wavy hairstyle only adds to the Victoria’s Secret model’s visage. Fans seems to agree, given the over 180,000 likes the Elle Spain November 2016 cover received after Kerr posted it on Instagram.

Miranda Kerr’s Makeup Tips

But if there’s any true reason to be jealous of Miranda Kerr, it’s how she stays so naturally beautiful; she claims she only needs 15 minutes to get ready in the morning! Kerr credits two things for her continued excellent looks. The first is organic products, which she credits for her flawless skin. In fact, she believes in the value of organic products so strongly that she attained qualification as a holistic health practitioner, which she used to launch her own organic skin care line in 2009.

Kerr’s other big beauty secret is her healthy lifestyle, which shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. The model makes sure to eat lots of high-nutrient foods, like fresh greens. She even uses some food products as part of her organic skin care regimen—green cold-pressed juices are excellent at keeping her blood healthy and oxygenated. She also regularly makes time for exercise, preferring Pilates, aquatic yoga, and ballet; she is also big on meditation—a healthy mind is linked to a healthy body.

When it comes to makeup tips, the Elle Spain November 2016 cover girl has those as well. Kerr prefers defined lashes and groomed eyebrows, because she believes that the eyes really frame the face. Be sure to apply several coats of mascara to achieve the desired effect. Another of Kerr’s makeup tips is to use lip balm when going for a natural look—she says that she saves lipstick for when she’s trying make more of a statement.


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