Nexsey Launches Neck Tape That Will Make You Look Younger

Credit: Nexsey Facebook
Credit: Nexsey Facebook

There are certain areas of our body that tend to show our age more than others. Despite the anti-aging creams and serums, aging skin eventually becomes something you simply can’t avoid. One of the most common problem areas for women at age 60 is their necks. Even with facelifts, neck skin can be left saggy and telling of your age. Surgical solutions aren’t always the most practical or feasible, which is why Linda Gomez decided to create Nexsey. Essentially a neck tape to hold loose skin back, Nexsey is designed to make women’s necklines slim and wrinkle-free.

On the official Nexsey website, Gomez said:

“Personally, I was looking for a way to help tighten the neckline without any need for expensive or painful procedures, and after lots of experimenting with different options and tapes, I developed Nexsey as an alternative! I am hoping it will be useful to other women looking for something similar.”

She also says that the goal of her product is to make the aging process a little easier, so that women have time to focus on what really matters rather than worrying about their appearance.

How exactly does this product work? “Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, you can use more than one strip. Place one higher for the upper neck and jaw area and one below it for the lower area of the neck,” it reads on the website. They even account for perspiration and humid temperatures:

“If you are in extremely humid conditions, or tend to perspire heavily, and have trouble with the tape sticking, do not fully remove the whole strip. You can just dry your neck thoroughly where the tape has loosened, reapply and hold firmly for a few seconds until it sticks. Should the tape have become too wet and not re-stick you may need to carry a back-up strip in your purse. Always make sure you completely dry your neck prior to applying or reapplying your strip.”

The effectiveness of Nexsey is displayed on their Instagram, as they often share before and after shots of customers using their tape. Captioned “Before and after…Nexsey is the safe way to decrease unwanted wrinkles on your neck. ?? xoxo Linda,” this post shows the power of Nexsey.

Before and after…Nexsey is the safe way to decrease unwanted wrinkles on your neck. ?? xoxo Linda

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Get Yourself Nexsey Tape

This product can be used for more than just anti-aging techniques. In a popular Instagram video from makeup guru Stephanie Valentine, Nexsey is used to achieve a slimmer, more defined jawline. Linda Gomez praises her application of the skin tape, showing others how Nexsey can be used in lieu of cosmetic surgery:

“Oh my goodness!! I so love this gorgeous woman! ??? She did an amazing job showing how you can use Nexsey to help reduce wrinkles or tighten up your neck and chin line without needing any costly or invasive procedures.”

So whether you’re looking to a tighter, younger looking neck, or a more define jawline, it looks like Nexsey can help you achieve your dream look!



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