No Shave November vs. Movember 2016: Mustache and Beard Rules, Wiki, History & Meme

No Shave November vs. Mvember 2016: Moustache and Beard Rules, Wiki, History & Meme

As November comes around, men are conflicted as to whether they should stop shaving completely for No Shave November, leave the mustache for Movember, or forgo any facial hair. It’s the classic case of No Shave November vs. Movember, and we are going to tell you all there is to know about mustache and beard rules, No Shave November rules, and of course the No Shave November meme. Here is your No Shave November wiki.

Movember Wiki

By now, everyone knows Movember’s meaning and what it stands for, but we want to give a little history lesson as to why men find it is important to grow in the good old No Shave November beard and Movember mustache. No Shave November or Movember (Moustaches and November) is a non-profit organization that is devoted to raising cancer awareness in men, to support cancer research and education. It’s a campaign that lasts a month, in which participants don’t shave or trim their facial hair at all.

The idea is to start a dialogue about cancer awareness after people ask men about the amount of facial hair grown, sparking the conversation about men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer.

Movember History

The campaign started out as a virtual philanthropic endeavor, created by the Hill family of Illinois to raise cancer awareness and raise funds to support the American Cancer Society, as well as their mission. Since 2013, the American Cancer Society has received over $1, 400,000 from the proceeds of No Shave November.

Movember Rules

During the month of November, men of all ages (well, puberty and up) can participate and grow in solidarity by growing out their moustaches and beards. But there are rules to Movember and they must be followed to participate in the campaign properly.

First, you have to shave your beard completely on October 31st—if you miss the deadline, it’s fine—just start shaving immediately after. The facial hair has to grow with a clean slate.

Then, let the beard and mustache grow all the way through November, until December 1st.

Pictures are required to be taken, in order to track the progress of the facial hair’s growth throughout the month. And since we live in the generation of the selfie, guys won’t mind taking a before and after picture of their faces.

You can also feel free to try different oils and creams to help your hair grow even faster and fuller. It’s not considered cheating and no one has to know, right?

What was once popular on university and college campuses is now trickling down to high schools and out into the working world. The purpose is to spread awareness and fund cancer research.

Are you participating in No Shave November, or Movember, this year?



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