Olivia Munn, “Office Christmas Party” Actress Shares Anti-Aging, Beauty, Makeup Secrets in Interview with “Byrdie”

Olivia Munn
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Get out the notepad because Olivia Munn is sharing her anti-aging, beauty, and makeup secrets. In an interview with Byrdie, the Office Christmas Party actress speaks with convincing candor about her skin dilemma and her quest for a makeup artist who understands her multi-ethnic features. She revealed that she does intensive research on skincare, and believes that self-worth is an empowering tool which is great motivation to move ahead in life.

Olivia Munn took to Instagram and shared a beauty tip from the interview with Byrdie, and we can see why she is the unprecedented goddess of youth.

My #1 beauty tip (aside from having a killer glam squad) is ?. Click link in bio to read my full interview with the awesome ladies at @byrdiebeauty ???✨

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Olivia Munn’s Skincare and Beauty Secrets

Multi-Ethnic Roots

Olivia Munn says that as a child, she couldn’t understand the differences in her facial features from those of her friends. Eventually she realized the reason and learned to accept it. She claims that her longtime makeup artist, Patrick Ta, has never gone wrong with her makeup because he understands her Chinese bone structure intermixed with Caucasian features. She says that understanding one’s facial features is very important because the right makeup depends on the features.

Makeup and Self-Worth

Olivia Munn loves to wear makeup. She is daring and likes to play with bright colors. Acknowledging self-worth is very important to her. She believes that one should wear makeup to feel good about oneself, and not to impress others.

Go-To Makeup

On a usual day, Munn ditches the full-face makeup and goes for a little concealer, some blush on the cheeks, and Chapstick for the lips. Her favorite concealer is Yves Saint Laurent’s Touche Eclat ($42.00).

Beauty Routine

Olivia Munn discloses that like anyone, she also had to deal with skin problems. But regular facials and good diet did wonders for her skin. She is a big fan of disposable face masks and uses them just before putting on makeup. Doing so provides a good canvas for the makeup artist.

Beauty Secrets

Munn spilled the beans on her best-kept beauty secrets on Instagram recently. The actress lost 12 pounds by doing an hour-long workout a few times each week. The exercises not only helped her jawline and cheeks, but also improved her skin by promoting better blood flow. She changed her brow shape to make her eyes stand out, something the star’s facialist suggested. Proactive Mark Fading Pads helped her remove sunspots to a great extent, making her skin clearer. She also admitted to consuming Japanese potatoes to eliminate wrinkles since they are high in hyaluronic acid.

Beauty Tips

Munn holds the view that water helps one to look younger as it kicks up our metabolism, keeps the weight off, and hydrates the skin. She also advises to get a good amount of sleep and to keep sunscreen on, always.

Recently, Olivia Munn appeared at the premiere of her new movie release, Office Christmas Party, in a fitted low-back white dress with silver detailing on the front. She sported a chic bob haircut styled in beach waves that garnered much admiration. She kept her makeup minimal with a full, red mouth.



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