Olivia Munn Stuns in Maroon Lipstick with Jennifer Aniston For “Office Christmas Party” Screening in NYC

Olivia Munn’s EW PopFest Makeup Prep, Actress Joined Jennifer Aniston & T.J. Miller before “Office Christmas Party” Release
Credit: John Sciulli / Stringer/ Getty

Hollywood actress, Olivia Munn, arrived at the screening of her new film release, Office Christmas Party, in New York City in impeccable style. Dressed in a sheer nude colored gown with a little black bow at the collar, Munn kept her look sophisticated wearing subtle eye makeup and deep maroon lipstick. Olivia Munn showed off some cleavage as well, thanks to the strategically placed floral pattern. The focal point of Olivia Munn’s makeup was her maroon lips, which really brought out the color of her eyes.

Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn’s co-star in the movie, also joined in at the premiere of the movie. The Friends starlet went for a classic black jumpsuit outfit with a $2,000 Celine coat over her shoulder. Aniston, however, forgot to remove the tags off the coat! Jennifer Aniston’s makeup was on the minimal side with nude lips. Glittering bracelets and a pair of silver earrings resembling leaves complemented her look for the night.

The screening of the movie was hosted by The Cinema Society and Svedka Vodka at Landmark Sunshine Cinema. Office Christmas Party releases in the United States on December 9, 2016.

Munn’s makeup artist, Patrick Ta, posted this photo on his Instagram account.

Munn, 36, and Aniston, 47, seem to be looking better with age and yet neither star actually looks their true age.  Keep reading to find out the secrets to these divas ageless looks.

Olivia Munn’s Beauty Secrets

Olivia Munn seems to know how to turn back time. The X-Men: Apocalypse actress has rejuvenated her skin in no time, and quite selflessly shared her skin tips on Instagram several months ago. In the post, she says that losing 12 pounds was a major change for her. She did an hour-long workout a few times a week. This toned out her cheeks and jawline, and also improved her skin by increasing blood flow to her face.

She softened the angle of her brows. A facialist pointed out that she was shaping her brows into a frown and that giving them a more horizontal angle would brighten her eyes. She got rid of her sunspots by wiping her face every night with Proactive Mark Fading Pads.

Munn also eats plenty of Japanese potatoes. These potatoes are high in Hyaluronic Acid which apparently helps keep wrinkles away.

Jennifer Aniston’s Beauty Secrets

The clock seems to have stopped for this actress. Jennifer Aniston rarely goes for full-face makeup. In fact, she epitomizes the ultimate, laid-back look. Here are Aniston’s beauty secrets.

Favorite Moisturizer: Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. She says that it keeps her skin soft and supple throughout the entire day.

Skincare Gadgets: She loves the CACI laser and the LED light therapy machines. She says that she also wants to try the Fraxel laser.

Favorite Beauty Products: She loves the Aveeno scrub and hair products from Living Proof. She also uses Aveeno sunscreen with SPF 30 for sun protection.

Favorite Makeup Products: For daily wear, Hauschka lip balm and Chanel compact are her best friends.

Favorite Workout: Yoga and running are two of Aniston’s favorite exercises.

Favorite Indulgence: A good two-hour massage is all she needs to get relaxed and refreshed.

Best Beauty Tip: Jennifer Aniston advises to drink lots of water to keep oneself hydrated and glowing.



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