One Way to Get Rid of Bags Under Your Eyes

Get Rid of Bags Under Your EyesEveryone can get them, but dark bags under the eyes seem to get worse as you get older. While poor diet, lack of sleep, allergies, skin disorders, a thyroid condition, and even crying can all cause bags under the eyes, aging is also a contributing factor.

Bags Under Eyes Causes

Bags under the eyes are caused by a buildup of fat or fluid around the eye area. As you age, the skin around the eye thins out, and the tissues as well as some of the muscles that support your eye lids weaken. What ends up happening is the fat that usually supports your eyes shifts toward your lower eyelids, causing swelling and thus creating bags under the eyes. Alternatively, loose skin that develops through aging can appear as bags under the eyes. Regardless of the anatomy behind it, bags under the eyes can affect the self-esteem of many adults.

Treatment of Bags Under Eyes

Since the skin around the eyes is particularly sensitive, it does require special eye care. There are many home remedies for bags under the eyes, but for a more long-term solution, you may want to consider a surgical procedure called Blepharoplasty.

If you’re considering Blepharoplasty to get rid of bags under the eyes, there are a few important things you should keep in mind. This is an extremely expensive procedure, and most doctors will probably recommend trying other preventative measures first, such as getting more sleep or improving your diet.

Should you decide to undergo the surgical procedure for bags under the eyes, it won’t halt the aging process altogether, but it will give you a more rested, youthful appearance. How the skin around your eyes looks following the surgery will depend on your skin type as well. Not every patient will respond the same way when undergoing Blepharoplasty to remove bags under the eyes. Not every patient will qualify for the procedure either.

Eye Bag Removal Procedure

To remove bags under the eyes, an incision is made along the natural folds of the eyelids; some surgeons prefer an internal incision, which leaves less scarring. The surgeon will then separate the layers of the skin to clear away any fatty deposits, and to repair and tighten up any loose skin. Once they’re finished with removing the bags under the eyes, the incision is closed using surgical glue or fine sutures.

The procedure to remove bags under the eyes is done under local anesthetic and usually takes anywhere from one to three hours, although you may be required to stay overnight.

Recovery and Results of Eye Bag Surgery

You may require anywhere from a week to 10 days to recover from the surgery to remove bags under the eyes, and you may notice bruising around the area. It could take up to 12 months before you see visible results with bags under the eyes.

Doctors recommend placing ice packs over your eyes following the procedure. You will also be given ointments to apply around the area. You may experience some pain and discomfort, so you will receive medication to manage the pain.

The doctor will have you in for a follow-up appointment to make sure that the area is healing properly and that there’s no post-operative infection.

Side Effects of Bags Under Eyes Surgery

Like many other anti-aging surgical procedures, there may be possible side effects of doing the surgery to remove bags under the eyes. These include blurred or impaired vision, numbness, and some skin sagging. It should be noted that these are only temporary side effects that should stop within a few days. However, if they persist, you should book an appointment with your surgeon immediately.

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