Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry’s Boyfriend, Goes Blonde, Influenced by Justin Bieber’s Look?

Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry’s Boyfriend, Goes Blonde, Influenced by Justin Bieber’s Look?
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Orlando Bloom has dyed his hair platinum blonde, and now fans and entertainment junkies alike are questioning the motivation behind his new hairstyle. The rumor mill has been buzzing with reasons as to why The Lord of the Rings star, who also happens to be Katy Perry’s boyfriend, decided to go platinum all of a sudden.

Bitter Blonde Rivalry?

Some speculate that it has something to do with his rival, Justin Bieber, stating that his latest blonde makeover was surreptitiously influenced by the pop star. Evidently, the two have been trying to one-up one another in the media ever since their feud began back in the summer of 2014 when they were caught on camera brawling over Justin Bieber’s purported claims that he had a brief affair with Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr.

Thankfully, the brawl, which was caught on camera, was broken up before anyone was injured. Ever since then, the pop icon and well established Hollywood actor have been at each other’s throats on social media. Now some are claiming that The Pirates of the Caribbean actor dyed his hair blonde as a ploy to mock Justin Bieber and prove that he looks better as a blonde.

back to blond…rolling to set…

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Too bad the internet does not seem to agree, as most fans have begged him to change his hair back to brown. In fact, Orlando Bloom’s latest haircut seems to have driven and even wider wedge between the fans of the two feuding stars; one side has been dubbed ‘Team Orlando’ and the other side calls themselves ‘Team Justin.’

Whether or not you happen to like Orlando Bloom’s latest haircut, one thing is clear: Without any context behind the possible reasoning for his new look, the actor resembles more of a cross between Neil Patrick Harris and David Beckham if they had a lovechild than he does Justin Bieber. Either way, the look is not working for him either physically or professionally, which is surprising because everyone loved his blonde locks in The Lord of the Rings franchise.

But when you truly stop to think about the fact that he apparently has been going back and forth with someone who is a little over half his age and has not yet fully matured into adulthood, then it is easy to see why he is losing his mass appeal.

A man of his talent and acting capabilities should be focusing more on his prominent acting career rather than parading himself all over social media, possibly competing with Justin Bieber. It seems that with every social media misstep, they are both certainly outdoing one another; but it is not necessarily in the way they want.

Rather than improving their public images by being class acts in the face of disagreement, both parties seem to be continuing to lower the bar for each other. While this type of behavior has been expected from Justin Bieber for a long time now, Orlando Bloom, who is nearly 40, should know better. Hopefully, this reported feud will fizzle out soon and he can get back to worrying about more important things like keeping his film career afloat.


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