Paris Hilton Is Galore Magazine’s Cover Girl: Claims She’s All Natural and Denies Botox

Paris Hilton's Christmas Holiday Looks 2016: Reunion with Kim Kardashian, Mauritius & Aspen Holiday
Credit: Michael Dodge / Stringer

Just when you thought Paris Hilton was out of the public eye since her mid-2000s heyday, her recent appearance as Galore Magazine’s cover girl has brought her renewed public attention. Even in her mid-30s, Hilton manages to pull off a stunning glamour look, complete with a variety of accessories. While she’s been working in business, she has since re-emerged as a new style icon with a classic “blonde bombshell” image worthy of Marilyn Monroe or Lana Turner, but in a photo shoot inspired by Hilton’s own era. What’s more, is that she’s said that her current look is “all natural.” Despite many rumors, she has denied that her current look is completely without the influence of plastic surgery, Botox, or other severe artificial beauty enhancements.

No Need for Extremes

So many celebrities of various ages today openly resort to using any number of beauty surgeries and applications—many of them extreme and often yielding bad results. Hilton on the other hand, says she has avoided going under the knife and treating her body artificial. Instead, she gives herself facials and treats herself at the spa to get the lighter treatments that will help her maintain her natural skin.

She remains neutral on the question of cosmetic surgery, saying that while she’s “proud” of not having to resort to those tactics, she reserves judgment on those around her. Hilton simply stated, “People should do whatever makes them happy” in relation to their own personal style and appearance choices as they age.

 Behind the Scenes

With rumors of her returning to reality television coupled with her Galore Magazine appearance, many have gone out of their way to learn the secrets of Hilton’s beauty secrets, including her hairstyle and natural beauty. She has retained the classic blonde look she’s had for years, yet has mentioned in several interviews how it’s prone to damage. Hence she’s continually used Kérastase hair products to keep her hair strong yet soft.

It often comes as a surprise that Hilton often doesn’t enjoy wearing makeup—especially eyelashes—which she applies after treating her skin. Along with her regular spa and facial treatments, she also uses Shiseido Bio-Performance Super Corrective Eye Cream and Patchology eye patches to treat the skin around her eyes.

For her Galore photo shoot, Hilton’s costuming and makeup was elaborately staged. Styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn, and with hair done by Larry McDaniel, she was photographed by Jason Altaan, under the creative direction of Prince + Jacob, Galore Creative Directors. She was uniquely dressed in a pink spaghetti strap dress and diamond choker, set on a pink satin pillow. Etienne Ortega applied her makeup and used a highlighter and blush to help highlight her skin, and paid much attention to her pink lip gloss and large eyelashes.

As the premiere reality TV business queen, many have speculated that Paris Hilton will re-emerge back on household screens soon. While she has maintained an interest in doing so, she hasn’t confirmed any particular show or series. In the meantime, she’s busy with her entrepreneurial ventures, including a number of fragrances and clothing—including a line for dogs.



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