Paris Hilton Shares her BTS Galore Magazine Cover Shoot with Instagram Followers

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Socialite Paris Hilton recently took a break from doing a photoshoot for Galore magazine and shared a behind the scenes moment with her Instagram followers captioned, “Love my boys@PrinceAndJacob @Galore ? The 35-year-old looked stunning on the front cover of the 2017 Galore Art Issue, which was shot by photographer Jason Al-Tann. The cover shoot, styled by Alexandra Mandelkorn, had a Marilyn Monroe/ Barbie influence where Hilton was drenched in diamonds wearing a pink satin spaghetti strap dress, and wrapped in a fur stole. Her hands were also adorned with sparkling crystals and jewels.

The cover shoot and editorial photos for the Galore magazine showcased Paris Hilton’s love of all things feminine including sparkling diamonds, satin dresses, and pink feathers. The editorial photos included Hilton wearing a pink fluffy wrap and a one-piece bejeweled bralette as she lay across a satin pink pillow. Another photo has the star dressed in a bright pink bodysuit with a gold lamé belted jacket and accessorized with a gold choaker style necklace. Her hairstyles ranged from a sophisticated wave to a high ponytail and large fringe.

Under the direction of Galore creative directors, Prince and Jacob, the magazine showed Hilton’s true beauty, of which she is proud to say that she has never had anything done. In the new issue of Galore, Paris Hilton talked about going under the knife, “Yes, I’m very proud that I am all natural and have never had anything done,’ the blonde bombshell said. “I am very happy with myself. But I don’t judge others. People should do whatever makes them feel happy. It’s just not something I’ve ever wanted to do. I’ve never had a surgery done — I’ve never had Botox. I’ve never had anything done in my life, and I think it has a lot to do with taking care of my skin, staying out of the sun, and being educated at a young age. I want to pass that knowledge to all the young girls out there.”

Love my boys @PrinceAndJacob @Galore ?

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Paris Hilton on her Beauty Secrets

After being on The Simple Life from 2003 until 2007 with Nicole Richie, the former reality star admits that doing those sorts of shows isn’t quite her calling anymore: “It’s not a priority in my life right now. I get calls every day to do different reality shows, but I am very focused on my business and brand,” she tells The Daily Mail. In case you are unaware, Paris Hilton is the proud owner of a makeup line, a hair care line, and 21 fragrances. Hilton obviously knows a thing or two about beauty, and it shows. So what are Paris Hilton’s beauty secrets? Hilton says she’s been particular about her beauty regime since a young age, seriously following her mom’s advice when it came to skin care and prevention. She dedicates and hour in the morning and an hour at night just to her skin care routine.

Aside from always taking off her makeup, Hilton also applies moisturizer, eye cream, serum, night cream, and basically all things anti-aging. She treats her face to masks and facials every few days, and Hilton also attests to using skin care with stem cells, gold and diamonds. “The past two nights, I’ve worn like five masks in one day,” she explained when InStyle magazine asked about her at-home beauty routine. “I have this really amazing laser light I bought that you lay under. It has about ten thousand laser lights in it for anti-aging and to build collagen, make your skin perfect, and take away any impurities. It’s insane. I do that every day, too.” Paris Hilton also enjoys having fun with different make-up styles. She looks at it as a way to try new looks and boost her inner confidence. Given Hilton’s passion for makeup and her dedication to skin care, it makes sense that she would be launching her own collection as she explained to InStyle magazine, “I’m also coming out with my own skin-care line for millennials and young girls who want to be preventative.”


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