PÜR Cosmetics Introduces Dreamworks “Trolls” Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

Pur Cosmetics Introduces Dreamworks “Trolls” Inspired Eye Shadow Palette
Credit: Trolls Facebook

If you were a kid in the 90’s, then you’ll understand why we’re so excited about this palette. Trolls were all the rage way back when, and DreamWorks decided to bring them back to life last year. They released a feature film about the ugly-cute little toys, and made kids excited about Trolls again.

Pur Cosmetics sensed the excitement among older fans that were around when Trolls were first popular, and decided to tap into that market. They created a Trolls themed eye shadow palette.

Trolls Is Taking over Your Makeup Collection

Your bedroom was probably full of these weird little creatures as a child, and they’re about to re-inhabit your space again; once you see the Pur Cosmetics Trolls eyeshadow palette, you’ll have to get your hands on it one way or another.

Featuring 16 shades of bright Troll-like colors mixed with some balancing neutrals, this is the perfect palette for creating some colorful eyeshadow looks. You can finally satisfy your childhood dreams of wearing that bright pink eyeshadow without having to sneak into your mom’s makeup kit—but this time you’ll be able to do it tastefully instead of smashing any shadow you could get your hands on onto your face. PopSugar totally agrees with us:

“This palette offers 16 pigmented matte and shimmer shadows, ranging from soft neutrals to bold blues and trending shades of red. Even the most bright and daring shades are still wearable, making this a palette to suit all your glam needs and easily transition between looks.”

Fully equipped with a large mirror, this palette retails for a modest $16—a steal when you think about a number of colors you’re getting. With names like Poppy, Wisdom, Branch, and Fuzzy, this palette definitely bring back memories of our favorite Troll toys! You’ll find it available for purchase on the Pur Cosmetics website, or at your local Kohls. Though it’s out of stock right now online, you can sign up to get an e-mail notification when it’s back in stock!

Pur Cosmetics wasn’t the only company that decided to take advantage of this childhood toy revival—ever since Anna Kendrick starred in the film as the voice of Princess Poppy, makeup companies have been creating cartoon-inspired makeup collections left right and center. MAC Cosmetics came out with their very own Trolls collection that included neon colored eyeshadows and lipsticks, bright enough to light up any dark room.

Betsey Johnson also hopped on the bandwagon, offering fans a variety of funky accessories to pair with your wildly colored shadows. If you’re not into high-end makeup, then you’ll be happy to know that Hard Candy also has a Trolls themed collection, full of psychedelic lipsticks. Hard Candy products can often be found at your local Walmart if you’re trying to track some down.



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