10 Quick & Easy Hairstyle Ideas for the New Year 2017

10 Quick & Easy Hairstyle Ideas for the New Year 2017
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The 2017 New Year means new beginnings and a chance to break out of your style rut. To change things up, why not start with a new hairstyle! Changing your hair is the easiest way to completely change your look without investing too much time and money, but can have a big impact on your style. With any new season, there are multiple trends popping up that help complete a look.

While celebrities are one of the easiest mediums to look towards for inspiration, the Fashion Week runways around the world are indicative of what will be the hottest new trends for the upcoming season. Extra long hair with volume was a top trending look for the Fall 2016 hairstyles that dominated the runways of Fashion Week. Backcombing and endless curls were the focus of the long locks that will be making a debut on the streets in the new year.

For shorter hair, the trend on the catwalks showed a deep part and slick 1920’s inspired slick hair complete with finger waves. Two very different looks, but easy to achieve, so why not get ahead of the trend and try one today!

We here at Agein have gathered some the top trending quick and easy hairstyles for 2017. Whether you need a new look for a party or the office, we have got you covered with these DIY hairstyles.  Why not give them a try and change up your style to make 2017 your best hairstyle year yet!

Quick Hair Updo

This is the easiest hairstyle to start with for beginners and is a great hairstyle for shorter hair. There is no right way to create an updo, and this season, texture is on trend, so don’t be afraid to have it a little messy. Gather sections of hair up into one main focal point. Clip, or use an elastic to keep in place, and spray with a heavy hold hairspray to keep your volume boost.

Waterfall Braids

These pretty braids are created by leaving strands of hair to hang down in between each pass of the braid that is created. A soft feminine look, this cute, easy hairstyle is perfect for a night out with the girls.

Giant Top Knot

One of the biggest trends we have seen over the past year, the giant top knot is still on point for 2017. A great hairstyle for long hair, just gather all your hair up on top of your head and twist into a bun.

Knot Bun

A great twist on a regular bun, this easy hairstyle is more modern for the office or party where you want to achieve a sleek look. Just start with two sections of hair, tie in a knot and pin the rest into place to create an updated twist on the original bun.

Keep it sleek with this knot bun – it's way easier than you think! Search 'double knot bun' on www.hairromance.com to find my tutorial xx

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Fishtail Crown

A fishtail crown is a beautiful style to show off some of the volume that is on trend this year. Just create braids around the crown of the head, gathering where they meet in the middle of the crown. This is an easy hairstyle for curly hair, but if you don’t have a natural curl, just create waves around the braids to create volume and texture.

Fishtail crowns are today's braid inspo! I always go back to #30braids30days when I'm looking for hair ideas

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Braided Bun

A beautiful easy hairstyle to try this new year! Just braid sections of hair from the nape of the neck and pin into a bun. This style could be pulled tight and slicked back for a chic look that will be right on trend.

Classic Big Braid

A classic easy hairstyle that anyone can get right! Create a large braid from the top of the crown down to the bottom. Why not add a deep side part to this style to keep it on trend for 2017.

Big Curls

The biggest trend in hair this season, big voluminous curls. Try this look with long hair that is layered for the perfect combination of texture and curl.

Braided Bangs

This easy hairstyle has been around for a few years and is still on trend this upcoming year. Simply braid hair starting from one side around the top of the head close to the forehead and pin into place behind one ear.

Low Bun

A chic, polished low bun is always on trend, and this year is no exception. Create this look to convey a sophisticated, professional look from office to evening.

I like big buns and I cannot lie – this one's from my 30 Buns in 30 Days ebook #30buns30days hairromance.com/shop

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