Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s New M&S Make-Up Update: Actress Shares ‘Rosie for Autograph’ Essentials Make-up Kit

Rosie Huntington-Whitely
Credit: Caroline McCredie / Stringer / Getty

Earlier this year, British-born actress and Victoria’s Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, launched her highly anticipated make-up and cosmetics line called ‘Rosie for Autograph.’ In collaboration with Marks and Spencer (M&S for short), the brand has been doing very well on their online store and their UK locations.

Women absolutely love the neutral color tones and the rose gold design of the packaging, which was chosen by none other than Rosie herself. The make-up kit comes equipped with everything women need to create all of their favorite looks, but the ultimate goal of this prolific cosmetics line was to allow women to highlight their natural beauty rather than mask what they perceive to be their imperfections.

Rosie herself said in an interview with Marie Claire magazine that her “philosophy with make-up has always been enhancing, not hiding.” If that is not inspiring for women everywhere, then there is no telling what is.

Throughout the interview, Rosie went on to talk about her own personal beauty routine as well as her favorite make-up products from the Rosie for Autograph make-up and cosmetics line. She says her favorite products include the radiance creams and the eye shadow quads, which are the compacts that have various shades of matching eye shadows in them that can be blended together to create a seamless natural look. For those fans who want to further emulate Rosie’s gorgeous appearance, they might want to try the lipstick called Lady Rose, which was based off of Rosie’s natural lip color.

In terms of her daily beauty routine, Rosie tries to drink at least one liter of water a day as early as possible in the day to help “get the bowels moving,” and she does intense cardio exercises at least 4 times a week to keep herself in excellent shape. Rosie also shared her top 5 steps to achieving her signature natural glow using her Rosie for Autograph make-up line:

#1. First, she applies the Amazing Radiance Cream under her foundation as a base and to smooth out fine lines and pores.

#2. Then she uses a highlighter stick to highlight under her eyebrows and the cupid’s bow of the upper lip to give it a dewy glow.

#3. Next, she contours her cheekbones, the sides of her nose, and her neck. This has the effect of a natural-looking sculpted bone structure.

#4. Add blush. Rosie likes to add a creamy blush on top of a rosy-colored blush to give a natural rosiness to her cheeks.

#5. And last but not least, she tops it all off with the finishing powder; starting with her T-zone to eliminate any unwanted shine and anywhere else that she wants to keep matte or reduce shininess. For Rosie, these include her forehead, nose, and chin.

All in all, it is no wonder that the Rosie for Autograph make-up kit has been very well received by women everywhere because it offers a variety of options for make-up looks for women of different skin tones and preferences. It truly is a one-stop shop make-up destination, and Rosie gives a lot of excellent expertise and advice in terms of all the different ways the products can be used.

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