Ruby Rose Halloween Look: “John Wick 2” Actress Shares Epic “Meg” Snap, Throwback Pumpkin Makeup & Costume

Ruby Rose Halloween Look: “John Wick 2” Actress Shares Shark Epic “Meg” Snap, Throwback Pumpkin Makeup & Costume
(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for MTV)

John Wick 2 star Ruby Rose shared her Halloween look on Instagram, which also included a pumpkin costume and pumpkin makeup. Keep reading to find out the Meg star’s Halloween makeup and beauty tips.


Halloween may be over for this year, but we still need a moment to talk about Rose’s Halloween costumes, which she posted on her Instagram. The 30-year-old Orange Is the New Black alum has always been known to speak her mind, and Halloween was no different than any other day. She’s always challenging societal norms, prefers to be addressed with female pronouns, identifies as a gender-fluid individual, and wears androgynous clothing that many left behind in the ‘90s.

The Australian actress went on Instagram to show off her version of “sexy” Halloween costumes, which garnered more than 200,000 likes and 700 comments. For a long time now, women (and some men) use Halloween as a time to be a racy version of a typically boring costume, but Rose mocked the notion with a collage of her own “sexy” costume ideas.

#TB I love Halloween because I get to be really sexy .. slutty pumpkin was my fave.

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The post pictured Rose dressed as a pumpkin, a squirrel, a skeleton, and an unknown costume with blood and messy hair.

But Rose wasn’t the only one who challenged societal norms this Halloween—many of her loyal fans dressed up as her! Buzzfeed posted pictures of several girls who dressed up as Rose’s beloved convicted character, Stella Carlin, from Orange Is the New Black. From her many tattoos to her signature buzzed hairstyle, OITNB fans put on their tan jumpsuits and channeled their inner Stella.

Makeup Life Savers

Just because Rose is naturally beautiful doesn’t mean that she’s going to abandon makeup altogether.

“The first thing I got really into was mascara, then it was lipstick. I used lipstick as everything—it was on my cheeks, as eyeshadow, on my lips. The first thing my mother bought me would have been an eyeliner.”

Rose added: “I was going through a real Blade Runner stage. Back then it wasn’t what people were doing in school—I wanted to be different.”

“The one thing Rose relies on at the end of her day is face wipes. “I’m very thorough about getting everything off. I use the Cetaphil face wipes or any kind of face wipe—I just love them. When I use face towels, I really scrub, but to the point when my skin gets really red and irritated.”

Rose is currently filming the shark epic, Meg.



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