Ruby Rose’s “John Wick 2” Assassin Look: Keanu Reeves’ Co-Star Reveals Exclusive Face Scar & Body Tattoos

Ruby Rose’s “John Wick 2” Assassin Look: Keanu Reeves’ Co-star Reveals Exclusive Face Scar & Body Tattoos
Credit: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/ Getty

Ruby Rose shared a throwback photograph on Instagram (@rubyrose) of a face scar—the assassin look is for her role in Keanu Reeves’ John Wick 2. As cool as the androgynous celebrity looks with the pale scar across her cheek, it doesn’t top some more permanent modifications she’s recently added to her skin. The Orange is the New Black actress’ recent body tattoos are seriously extensive!

Ruby Rose’s Tattoos

Ruby Rose has a serious ink collection. Just browse through her Instagram and model photos and you’ll see she is a huge fan of tattooing art. The beautiful actress’ most recent addition is a giant Pantone color chart tattoo—and unlike the scar, this one is permanent!

The 30-year-old Australian star debuted her brand-new tattoo, which is an extensive chart of color that may remind you of the paint section of home improvement stores. She posted the photo back in August, and it could very well be her most unique and creative tattoo so far.

Throw back to JW… scar face assassin

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The actress was thrilled about her new ink but kept it cool as she wrote, “Guys Home Depot is trying to save paper.. So now you can order me and I will stand facing your wall until you pick the color you like. I’ll even stand facing the wall as you have breakfast and as you’re watching tv at night so you can see the colors at different times. Offer limited. Conditions apply. *this is a completely false ad.” Check out the stunning artwork below!

Rose’s Skin Care Tips

Healthy, smooth skin is the perfect canvas for a gorgeous tattoo. Rose shared some of her skincare and makeup tips as she is largely admired for her flawless skin and great makeup looks. Considering that her brows are the envy of many, Rose shared an unexpected tip with Coveteur, “I don’t do much with them. I’ll either tint them or I’ll use the Brow Beater pencil, and I’ll just fill them in a little bit. Aside from that, I leave them alone.” Keeping her skin clear and removing all traces of makeup are tips she swears by. “I’m very thorough about getting everything off. I use the Cetaphil face wipes or any kind of face wipe—I just love them.”

She is so hottt ?@rubyrose#rubyrose #model #beautiful #tattoos

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Rose has no shame when it comes to skin care—she always wears a mask to keep her face moisturized and hydrated when she travels. “On a plane I’ll always put a sheet mask. It’s so mortifying for people to walk past—I look like some sort of crazy Freddy Krueger-type person. The thing I find about flying is that I get so dehydrated and sheet masks are the best because they’re easy. If I’m in a cheeky mood I kind of enjoy the fact that a flight attendant will walk past and double take. And I drink a lot of water.”

Finally, Rose shared her makeup philosophy: “Makeup is about embracing your true self and letting it be something that represents you, not something that’s hiding flaws. It’s bring out your best version instead.”


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