Rules Don’t Apply Actress, Lily Collins, Looks Stunning in Holiday Inspired Makeup by Lancôme

Rules Don’t Apply Actress, Lily Collins, Looks Stunning in Holiday Inspired Makeup by Lancôme
Credit: Jesse Grant / Stringer / Getty

Rules Don’t Apply star, Lily Collins, has gone through many physical transformations over the years. The 27-year-old actress, who is now also the brand and beauty ambassador for Lancôme, has gone from having waist-length chocolate brown hair to shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair without even thinking twice about it. In 2015, the actress and model took things a step further when she unexpectedly showed up to a red carpet event sporting a fresh looking pixie style haircut.

Lily Collins’ Short Hair, Don’t Care Attitude

Whether she has long or short hair, Lily Collins can pull off pretty much any look with ease. From a directorial and producer’s standpoint, working with her must be a dream come true, because she willingly embraces any necessary look for the sake of a movie role. Lily Collins seamlessly transitioned from having completely bright red hair for one movie, to dying her hair almost pitch black for a different movie within a short period of time. Of course, all of that hair coloring and constant styling does take a major toll on her hair, but Lily has a few secret beauty weapons she uses to counteract the damage. One of Lily Collins’ go-to hair repair products is called Bain Force by Kérastase. For those times when the busy actress does not have time to properly wash her hair, she turns to Oribe hairspray and dry shampoo for help. There is obviously a lot to learn from Lily Collins when it comes to bold, short-bob hairstyles, which is probably why an alarming number of Lily Collins inspired short-hair tutorials have been cropping up all over the internet.

Makeup Ideas from Lily Collins

It may be hard to imagine, but Lily Collins was not always the bold and confident young stylish woman fans have come to know and love. In her high school days, she was always conscious of her thick eyebrows. because at that time they were not fashionable like they are now. Luckily, she knows just how to make good use of her naturally thick brows with the right Lancôme makeup products. Lily Collins is a huge proponent of practicing healthy skin care habits. One of the ways she does this for her own porcelain skin is by using the Lancôme Énergie de Vie line on a daily and nightly basis. Another part of her basic skin care and beauty routine is to apply sunscreen to her face every morning. This makes a lot of sense given Collins has exceptionally pale skin that is prone to sun damage, and she lives in Los Angeles most of the time when she is not shooting on location or vacationing somewhere. Recently, Lily Collins posted a picture of herself on Instagram with what resembles Holiday inspired makeup. She looked so fierce with her bright pink lipstick, Audrey Hepburn-esque cat eyeliner, and short hair—fans were begging her to post a makeup tutorial so that they could recreate the look at home. Here is hoping that Lily Collins will comply with their requests soon!



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