Rumer Willis, Demi Moore’s Daughter, Loves Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit & Cosmetics

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Credit: Jamie McCarthy / Staff / Getty

Rumer Willis, like many others, isn’t a fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but is not afraid to admit that she’s obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kits. Depending on your pop culture knowledge, you’ll know Rumer as either Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’ eldest daughter, the 2015 winner of Dancing With the Stars, or a guest star on shows like 90210 and Pretty Little Liars.

Even though dancer Rumer Willis is a brand ambassador now, she couldn’t help but talk to Elle about her guilty pleasure (which was jammed in her Art Deco clutch), the Kylie Lip Kit.

“Oh, do not judge me on this! I am using a Kylie Lip Kit and I buy it full price, and if it sells out, I go to f**king eBay and buy it there,” Rumer told Elle. “It’s so good. I don’t care. I have all of her lip kits and her eyeshadow, and I realize I’m a mess, but it’s magic. I’m like, ‘Kylie, can we work out a deal? Do you know how much I buy?!’”

Rumer Loves Fragrances

The 28-year-old flaunts her flawless make-up at all times, whether she’s performing on a cabaret tour or walking the red carpet. Instead of relying on high-end products, Rumer is a loyal fan of reality star Kylie’s cosmetics, and there’s no stopping her when she needs to get her fix.

Aside from fixating on Jenner’s cosmetic line, Rumer (a beauty lover herself) is currently a brand ambassador for eco-friendly brand By Kilian, which she described as a dream come true. She admitted that she’s more into smells and fragrances than make-up, and recalled the affect fragrances had on her as a child.

 “I remember being at camp, and any time I smell Acqua Di Gio, even though it’s so ratchet, I think of all the boys I liked… and I’ll always love L’Artisan Tuberose, because my mom used to wear it. And we used to spray L’Artisan’s Timbuktu on ourselves in high school because we’d smoke in the garage, and it smells woodsy. So nobody would know.”

Rumer is currently involved on her cabaret tour Over the Love, which is sponsored by none other than By Kilian.



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