Salma Hayek Shares Cute Snap on Instagram, Recalling Christmas Childhood Memories While on Holiday Shopping Spree

Salma Hayek Shares Cute Snap on Instagram, Recalling Christmas Childhood Memories While on Holiday Shopping Spree
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Salma Hayek took to Instagram this past week to share some Christmas childhood memories. Her cute snap captured the actress taking a break from her holiday shopping spree while posing on a little red tricycle. Dressed in winter UGGS and a wool felt hat, Hayek was looking cozy and festive showing that she was ready for the holiday season. Her festive Instagram post is captioned, “#christmas makes me feel like a child again. #navidad me hace sentir como niña otra vez.” Selma Hayek’s Instagram is just starting to catch up to the other celebrities who have taken to social media to show their festive photos. She has two Christmas related posts so far, and we can’t wait to see what her next post will be!

#christmas makes me feel like a child again. #navidad me hace sentir como niña otra vez

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Salma Hayek’s Skin Care and Beauty Secrets

Mexican actress Salma Hayek is known in Hollywood for her youthful appearance. The 50-year-old actress proves that things can get better with age. Vogue magazine recently sat down with the actress to discuss the beauty secrets that give her such a radiant glow. Hayek’s most important beauty rule is, “Always wash your face before you go to bed. It’s very important to cleanse at night. I use a chamomile cleanser if I haven’t been wearing makeup, and an oil cleanser if I am wearing makeup – it takes everything off.” Her next best secret, “Never wash your face in the morning. Your skin regenerates all the things that you lost during the day when you’re sleeping—restoring the right pH balance, producing the right oils, collagen—everything comes back to the skin. Then you go and wash it off? Why? My grandmother taught me this.”

Salma Hayek’s makeup is always flawless, whether she is on set or off duty, and she heavily relies on contouring to maintain her stunning look. She reveals that she does wear a lot of makeup, shading her face to give it more depth and to slim her jaw. “It’s exciting to paint your own portrait. I love to start with a natural-looking foundation as a base. And even if you feel dead, you won’t look like it if you have on blush”

Salma Hayek’s Fashion Style

Apart from her makeup routine, Hayek is also interested in styling her hair and keeping it looking like she just stepped out of the hair salon. Creating the overall flawless look, whether Hayek’s hair is pulled back into a chic pony, flat ironed straight, or just left to hang curly she is always polished and beautiful. Hayek’s favorite hair products include a texturizer that she uses as a dry shampoo to make her hair look freshly washed when the actress wants the “day after washing look.”

Along with the makeup and hair, Hayek always manages to stay on trend while looking elegant in the fashions she wears. When working on the Allure cover shoot recently, Salma was asked about her fashion and the choices she had made when she was younger. “We change and that is part of the beauty of being a woman. We get to be our own canvas every day when you wake up.” Whatever her fashion faux pas may have been in the past, we think Salma Hayek always looks flawless and beautiful!



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