Sarah Hyland’s Marie Claire Indonesia Cover is Amazing, “Modern Family” Star Looks Stunning in Wet Hair Look

Sarah Hyland’s Marie Claire Indonesia Cover is Amazing, “Modern Family” Star Looks Stunning in Wet Hair Look
(Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Sarah Hyland graces the cover of Marie Claire Indonesia and the Modern Family star looks stunning with her wet hair look. The actress posed for the cover to promote her interview with the magazine, where she discusses her career, how she got started in the industry, her thoughts on the recent political uproar, and more.

The beautiful star recently switched up her brown tresses for a blonde look, and it suits her very well—multiple shades of gold and blonde flow from the crown of her head.

The star is known for switching up her hair color often! On her Instagram account (@therealsarahhyland) you’ll see photos of her going from a dark brown to deep maroon, to auburn, to a deep red again, and to her current blonde look.

Sarah Hyland’s Skincare Tips

Hyland’s ability to rock any hair color isn’t the only envy of her fans—the star’s flawless skin is another. Thankfully, she shared some of her skincare tips that help her achieve a look that makes her look years younger. Hyland is 25, but she looks more like a teenager. How does she do this?

It could be her petite figure and high cheekbones, but her beauty routine certainly helps her maintain a youthful glow. “I always put moisturizer on first, then the tiniest bit of foundation, and really not even that, sometimes,” she shared with Teen Vogue in 2013. “Then, a little bit of blush, but I’m big on concealer and mascara. I like my eyelashes and to make sure that my under-eyes aren’t dark at all.”

The star truly loves her long lashes, which she covers in mascara, and often goes for a winged eyeliner look because she has round eyes. She told Allure, “It makes them look a little more smoldery and wide.” As great as makeup is, Hyland believes cleaning your face and removing all traces of makeup is important to having healthy skin. “I really like Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes because they moisturize my face and take off the makeup at the same time. And it doesn’t burn or anything. I also use the L’Oréal Clean Deep Facial Cleanser that comes with the sponge,” she said in a Celebrity Skin interview.

Hyland applies baby oil to keep her skin moisturized, and although she does not have an intense workout regime as some celebrities do, she does enjoy doing squats and ab workouts to keep her in shape. Taking time to rest and recuperate is a huge benefit to staying youthful inside and out, and Hyland takes occasional massages to help her de-stress and wind down.


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