Savory Chana (Chickpea) Masala

Savory Chana (Chickpea) MasalaThis vegetarian anti-aging recipe is a classic Indian dish that’s packed with nutritional value. The key ingredient is chickpeas, or garbanzo beans, which are a rich source of nutrients like manganese, folate, copper, fiber, iron, and protein.

Chickpeas are also good for your anti-aging diet, because they aid in digestive health. One cup contains about half of your daily recommended intake of fiber. Even better, it’s insoluble fiber, which means that it moves through your digestive system easily and once they get to your colon, this insoluble fiber is broken down into short chain fatty acids, which can then be absorbed by cells in your colon to be used for energy. The better these cells function, the less likely you are to experience digestive and colon issues. And because they’re good for digestive health, chickpeas also help with regulating blood sugar levels—they contribute toward stabilizing the healthy flow of food through the digestive tract, which means the release of sugar from that food is also better regulated.

Adding chickpeas to your anti-aging diet can also help with weight management, as several studies have shown. One study in particular found that participants reported feeling more satisfied with their food, reduced appetite, and even less snacking when they supplemented their everyday diet with chickpeas. Furthermore, chickpeas add value to your anti-aging diet, because they contain important antioxidants and are believed to contribute to a reduced risk of heart disease by helping to manage healthy cholesterol levels.

The trick to perfecting the savory taste of this anti-aging recipe is the spices. These days, most grocery stores carry international spices, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding everything you need to make this classic Indian dish.

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