Secrets to Aging Gracefully: Rules You Should Live by before You Hit 30

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Did you know that only 20 to 30% of the aging process is genetically determined? This means that the other 70% is solely based on how you treat your body, the foods you consume, stress management, and your overall lifestyle. The increase in stress levels, hectic lifestyles, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, and poor sleep patterns give rise to premature aging. Once the process starts, it becomes very difficult to slow it down.

The early signs of gray hair and certain health conditions can perhaps be attributed to genetic makeup. However, a lot depends on your health and wellness regime. Aging also has a lot to do with your psyche, thought processes, and approach towards life.

Premature aging is often seen in people as early as in their late 20s and early 30s. Fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes and nose, as well as skin darkening, spots, and blemishes, are noticeable signs which make one look older, tired, and dull. Feeling mentally and physically tired is also a major symptom, which may creep into social and professional lives, making things worse.

Slow down the aging process by adopting healthy habits into your daily routine such as healthy eating and exercising. Also, by following our anti-aging advice, you can maintain your skin effectively and age gracefully.

Things to Avoid to Look & Feel Youthful as You Age

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

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When sugar bonds with proteins, collagen, and elastin in the bloodstream, it degrades the collagen and elastin, leading to fine lines, skin sagging, and wrinkles.


For sugar cravings, consume a small square of dark chocolate instead, as it has fewer calories and contains antioxidants. Also, eat fresh fruits like papaya, blueberries, strawberries, sweet limes, oranges, and kiwis.

Excess Consumption of Salt

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A high-sodium diet leads to an increase in blood pressure and hypertension. This often results in a wide number of side effects like heart attacks, strokes, and decline in cognitive functioning.


Simply consume a moderate amount of salt, and do not reach out an extra pinch or two. Also avoid consuming baked, fried, and roasted snacks. High-sodium fast and processed foods should also be avoided.


Junk Food Is Detrimental to Diets for Older Adults

Moderation is the key. Although it’s recommended to occasionally over-indulge in alcohol, sweets, fried foods, and fizzy drinks, do not make it a regular habit. This often leads to obesity which can then result in hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol.


Set a routine that helps you stick to a healthy diet throughout the week. Make it a point to enjoy your indulgences once a week or two. Do not deprive yourself because it will only increase your cravings.

Apps that track your food intake can be installed on your smartphone. You may also set targets to lose weight and log the results in a diary. If not, simply eat a fixed portion and keep a check on consumption levels. Avoid smoking and consume alcohol in moderation, if at all.

Flying Frequently


Solar rays are much stronger at higher altitudes, and thus, more harmful to the skin. Constant negligence can also lead to traumatic skin conditions like melanoma and skin cancer. The air up there is also devoid of moisture which makes skin dry and damaged.


Consume water and fresh fruit juices, and refrain from alcohol and sugary treats. Also ensure you carry a good moisturizer which is high in SPF.

StressMental Stress

Stress in excess leads to issues like sleeplessness, depression, heart disease, excessive weight gain or loss, and other psychosomatic health issues. Stress also prevents you from focusing on everyday activities and leaves you tired and worn out. If you are stressed out, it reflects on your face.


Eliminating stress entirely is almost impossible; however, we can learn to manage it well and not be bogged down by it. Regular exercise and yoga help reduce stress and sharpen the mind. You could listen to some stress-relieving music, get a massage with aromatic and soothing oils, go for a walk daily, and sleep for at least six to eight hours.

Try taking a break from your gadgets and do some meditation instead. Speak to someone you confide in; you just might hear solutions to tackle some of the issues. Develop an approach to break down big problems and then try to solve them.

Fluctuations in Weight

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Putting on excess weight causes the insulin levels to rise which breaks down collagen. Weight gain may cause love handles, paunch, or double-chin to appear, which affects a person’s appearance. It also causes skin sagging. All this can affect you psychologically.


Ensure a body mass index of 18.5 to 24.9 to keep your weight in normal range. Apps which track the number of steps walked and calories burned also help in reducing weight. Ensure medical check-ups are done every few months to keep a tab on any underlying conditions that lead to weight gain or other health issues. Exercising daily and eating in moderation is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and body.

Moisture Loss

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With body changes like menopause and hormonal imbalance, the skin tends to become dry and dull due to intense moisture loss. It also makes skin saggy and makes you look older and less active. Sometimes, your hair also becomes dry and frizzy.


Go for intense moisturization. Stock up on skin-nourishing creams and lotions that are soothing. Also, be sure to drink a lot of liquids throughout the day.

You may also opt for professional help like derma fillers or hormone replacement therapy. Get a regular oil massage for your hair and use organic shampoos and conditioners for cleansing your hair. Try natural sources such as egg, curd, or aloe vera on your hair.

Change in Sleep Patterns

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A good sleep enables your body to heal and repair itself. When there is a change in this pattern or decreased hours of sleep, it makes you more prone to stress, irritability, depression, acidity, digestive system disorders, and other health conditions.


Shut off all electronic devices, consume a glass of warm milk, and wear comfortable clothing. Sleep monitoring apps show you your sleeping pattern, allowing you room to correct it. Try meditating for a couple of minutes before going to bed. Try to go to sleep at a fixed time everyday and do not sleep immediately after you have food.

Unhealthy Diet and Sedentary Lifestyle

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Uneven eating patterns and junk food not only cause obesity, but also other digestion-related and cardiac problems. This is even worse if you sit in one place for hours together. No activity or exercise can be extremely damaging to your mind and body.


It’s good to follow a routine. It promotes discipline and many other benefits over a period of time. Come up with a fixed workout and diet plan according to your lifestyle and follow it religiously at least five days a week. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, stay hydrated, and ensure you get the required nutrients. Consult your doctor about taking any additional supplements for calcium, vitamins, and minerals, in case there are any deficiencies.


Negative Views on Aging

A negative attitude, holding grudges, and jealousy create clutter in the mind and life. Prolonged negativity can lead to many health problems and social issues.


Your mind and thoughts play an important role in your aging process. A positive attitude, gratitude, discipline, and integrity are virtues which calms you internally, and in turn, puts that inner glow on your face. The most important factor that helps a person age gracefully, is the acceptance of the fact that nothing in this world is permanent, and growing old is a part of it. Be grateful about all the life lessons and experiences you’ve had so far. This acceptance also allows you to open up, broaden your spectrum, and share your life experiences with younger generations.

Less is beautiful as far as makeup is concerned. Ideally, makeup should enhance your natural beauty and not mask or overshadow it. Keep your makeup minimal as you age, but be particular about the health of your skin and hair. A kohl liner, moisturizer, and a light lip balm are enough to make look and feel good. Avoid using too many color cosmetics on your skin.

Make sure you stay hydrated and use enough moisturizer on your skin. Preferably use an SPF-based sunscreen lotion. Wash your face and eyes everyday with water and a good cleanser. You should also use anti-aging day creams.

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