Selena Gomez, Disney’s Star, Looks Stunning in Her Smoky Eyes at the 2016 AMAs Red Carpet

Selena Gomez
Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty

Disney’s star Selena Gomez looked stunning at the 2016 AMAs red carpet revealing smoky eyes. Makeup artist Nikki Lee was responsible for Gomez’s gorgeous look along with achieving her glowing skin. Last year Gomez showed up to the AMAs with trendy maroon eye makeup but this year she opted for the classic smoky eye instead.

This year’s look was in collaboration with makeup artist Hung Vanngo who took to his Instagram to reveal a picture of the singer looking more stunning than ever.

At the American Music Awards, Gomez’s look was classy and timeless. She wore a bright red A-line gown with her hair parted down the center and simply pulled back. With her hair, away from her face it really showed off Gomez’s glowing skin.

Vanngo noted that all the makeup used for Gomez’s AMAs 2016 look was from the Chanel makeup collection. Sure, it may be pricey for some but that doesn’t mean that you can’t replicate it using other products either. Vanngo managed to blend blacks and browns together to create such a flawless look like almost looks airbrushed.

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Gomez has left the spotlight for a while, even cancelling the remainder of her tour to deal with the side effects of lupus – a disease she’s been battling for some time now. Returning to the AMAs Gomez looked better than ever and the singer/actress gave an incredibly heart-warming acceptance speech.

Selena Gomez Beauty Secrets

No matter where Gomez is there is no doubt that she always looks incredibly stunning. To maintain her fresh look Gomez suggests that she never sleeps in past 10 am and immediately hits the gym for a workout. Her morning beauty routine consists of washing her face, uses a skin toner, and then uses a bit of moisturizer—not too much because she has oily skin.

When it comes to her go-to favorite products, Gomez isn’t particular as she will try anything. But the most important part of treating her skin is to wash her face, whether that is before bed or first thing in the morning.

As for her hair, Gomez doesn’t wash it daily and finds the less she washes it the better it gets because her hair is quite thick. She says by three days of no washing curls and product stay much better in her hair, but by day four it needs a wash.

Being so young still Gomez is still prone to acne and breakouts. To combat this, she uses a facial mask and a humidifier on her face after shows.

As for maintaining her makeup while performing live she noted that her makeup artists will mix moisturizer with foundation to keep it very light. She only needs one layer of this so the makeup isn’t caked on. Furthermore, her makeup for performing is centered around her eyes so she will opt for strong eyes but a softer lip, or the opposite. Furthermore, she keeps fans all around the stage to keep her cool so makeup isn’t running down her face.

It was great to see Selena Gomez back out in the public during the 2016 AMAs. The singer is looking much happier and refreshed. Her emotional speech is something that many are still discussing as she continues to be an inspiration for many out there.

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