Sexiest Tattoo Trends That Will Make You Want a Tattoo in 2017

Credit: Instagram @tattoos_of_instagram

Gone are those days when getting inked was considered as a social stigma. Tattoos, one of the most popular form of body art, have evolved from being just an identification mark into a style trend. It is a bold and daring form of self-expression, and people love the idea of flaunting one to express a part of themselves through them.

The tattoo trend has caught like wild fire, making its way from being a part of tribal culture to modern studios with sophisticated tattoo equipment. Every second person on the street wears ink art; some like to show them off like badges of honor, while others keep them personal and well concealed. The idea of getting inked sounds exciting and intense.

Tattoos have become a fashion statement and it seems everyone wants one these days. But the conflicting question is always what to get inscribed and where? This is a life altering question because we are talking about permanent tattoos here. If even a tiny aspect of the tattoo goes wrong, you are scared for life. So, research and plan well before you get one.

With Millennials showing enthusiastic admiration for this type of body art, tattoos have made a pretty impressive debut on social media like Instagram. The variety and detailing of body art is endless and shows how creatively brilliant the human mind is. Tattoo artists these days can design anything you want on your skin. From cute little symbols and elements, to realistic tattoos of famous faces and colorful flowers, you can get anything your eccentric mind could imagine.

The idea of getting a tattoo has become a romanticized notion. They give the impression of a being a rebel—someone who has firm faith in one’s principles and beliefs and lives by them no matter what comes. This sounds really cool, and more often than not, most people get inked for the sake of belonging or “fitting in.” So, here are some cool 2017 tattoo ideas and their placement which you can make you look cool and sexy.

Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Minimalist Tattoos

If you don’t want a large network of ink on your body, then go for minimalist tattoos. They are tiny tattoos that are only for you to know, and not for others to see. You can get them on the fingers, behind the ear, wrists, ankle, etc. Basically, you adjust them anywhere, just well.

Photo-Realistic Tattoos

Hyper-realism is the next big tattoo trend. According to famous tattoo artists like Bang Bang, this style is quite popular with customers. The resulting tattoo of this style looks like a high quality photograph. Images of flowers, animals or human faces are a few popular choices for this style.

Cosmetic Tattoos

Tattoos have made tremendous progress in recent times and is not only a form of body art. They have advanced to replace makeup products now. This is one of the most popular tattoos for women. Girls are practically getting their eyebrows shaped into perfection through tattoos. With the craze to achieve perfection in the younger generation, we foresee tattoos replacing makeup products for a permanent makeup face.

Script and Geometric Tattoos

These are the most popular tattoo ideas of all times. If you are the poetic or romantic type, then get your favorite quotes inscribed. If not then, perhaps a get fancy geometric pattern inked for that edgy look.

Tattoo Placement

Since it’s a form of “body” art, there are no rules as to where to place the tattoo. You can get them anywhere you want, however, you should reconsider the areas where the skin might sag with age. Having said that, some of the most preferred areas for tattoos are the hands, back, nape of the neck, wrist, feet, etc. Locations such as hips, under the breast area and inner arms are recent favorites which have been popularized by celebrities like, Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, and Gigi Hadid.

Popular regions for men to have ink done is the chest and back. Sleeve tattoos, shoulder tattoos, tattoo designs on the arms, and neck tattoos are a few popular tattoo areas for guys. And might we add that these styles make them appear really attractive, don’t you think?



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